Thursday, May 6, 2010

some nice pics...

Let me pull a page from Scottie's book....

Ya know, I just don't have anything earth shattering to share with I thought I would take a page from Scottie's book and tell you about my day. Yep, this is your cue to leave...
I took a night off work, don't know why as I didn't accomplish much more than a full night's sleep. But, that was nice in of itself. Pooch woke me up at 7:00 to go pee, or at least I assumed that was the reason she was chewing on my arm, and pitched her outside. She seemed happy enough to go, but that might just be to get the bad taste out of her mouth.
I watched the end of Avatar....I was too sleepy to watch the whole thing last night....and enjoyed it. Am I crazy or did it seem to be a remake of Dances With Wolves? I don't know, got a definite flavor of that type of movie there. But, in the end the bad guys lost and the good guys won, and all is right with the world....just don't look to the Persian gulf, the Gulf of Mexico, or the Aegean Sea, it my imagination or is there a theme developing around water here?
So, did the obligatory Walmart run today. Had to get the dog a new bowl.....I've been using plastic bowls, but she ate those. Yes, my dog won't bite the hand that feeds her, but the bowl is fair game. Did you know that a dog dish is roughly $12, but you can buy a ceramic bowl in the dishes area for $1. She got 2. Difference? No paw print on the side.
Bought Mom some flowers....again, obligatory but traditional. I buy her a couple hanging baskets every year. She oohs and aahs...but seems to like them anyway. I'm heading on up to see them after work on Saturday. Going to stay the night and let them mee the dog.....God, I hope she doesn't poop on thier floor. It would be just my luck. - - My aunt wanted to ride up with me and visit, but when I told her she was welcome as long as she didn't mind a 58 pound dog in her lap she realized she had other commitments and would need to stay in town.
Last.....heading off to bed soon. I made my current favorite: box mac & cheese with tuna. Ok, sounds gross, but I like it. The dog was walking around with her nose in the air, so I gave her a few ice cubes.....much cheaper than treats and she seems tickled to get them.
And there was my day....the highlilghts. Yep, my days are that boring. Sorry. I told you to run.