Thursday, March 27, 2014

Changes (Temporary)

  No... not that drastic.   I just have some changes to my work schedule for the week.  Due to some odd personnel problems, the boss asked me to take over supervision of second shift production.  Not a huge deal, I was a shift supervisor before I changed to do the shipping and receiving.  
  But, last night was my first night.  I really enjoyed getting back into production.  I forgot the huge amount of stuff a shift manager has to constantly juggle, constantly be aware of and found myself quickly running behind.  But, the regular people, except one--- there's always one asshole that is pissy, right? --- all seemed to do great.  What is normally a job filled with people problems, I had very few people problems.  It was fun.  I was asked by more than one of the workers if this change was permanent, I had to tell them no... just to the end of the week.  They were disappointed, I took it as a compliment.

It's weird for me, though.... my day is completely turned upside down.  Normally, my mornings are a rush to get through breakfast and getting the dog happy for a day without me, shower, and out the door for work, then back to do the chores and what-have-you's of life.  This week, my chores and such are done before work, more like a Saturday, and then, just as I'm about to actually get into something, gotta leave for work.  Not sure I could do this whole second shift thing.

hugs to all

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Getting tired....

I'm so sick of this winter!  It's 26 degrees and snowing.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

What if it's real? (Content Warning!)

Hi Friends;

  Warning, this is a tear-jerker.  It will make you mad, make you think, and make you sad.... maybe.

Last week as I passed a man with a sign saying he needed money for food to feed his kids.  I had the dog in the truck, so I was limited on some things I could do, and we've recently had people panhandling - an area that almost never gets that.  He was at the bottom of the highway exit, I was driving past on the road the exit emptied into.  I continued on past this man with the struggle in my heart - is this for real?   Is this fake just begging for money that I worked all day for and can barely get by myself?  I actually came home, really bothered by this.  No matter what I did, I could be wrong.  About an hour later, I went back... he was gone.  I've been bothered by this, since.  I'm mostly bothered because I just don't know what my response should have been.

  In this world, we feel so often that we are being cheated, taken advantage of and manipulated.  It's hard to know when real need is staring a person in the face.  I would like to think that I would never pass by a hungry child, but did I do so earlier - just with a different face?

  This is hard on my heart.  I think next time, I will give.  It's better on my heart to feel that at least I did the right thing, even if that person with the sign did not.  My humanity is salvaged.  And, what if it's real!???

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Looking beyond the navel...

Hello Friends;

  I just recently watched and read this: Basically, it is another piece of Fox hating the poor.  Near that, I read a bit about the support of a firm stand against Russia/Putin for the invasion of another country.  Got me thinking...

  Some time ago, I remember seeing a little thing about voting for wars.  The basic tenant of the idea is that if a person votes for war, then they also commit to putting on boots, taking up a gun, going to war.  Now, not so sure how I agree or not about that.. but, the idea of personal integrity, of saying that one's vote for something is not simply a philosophical or mental expression but a whole person commitment?  That seems a good idea.
  Now, back to this article above.  Did you watch the vid?  Read the article?  I thought about a few things as I watched that, and one of those things... among a few ideas of how very dangerous a man is who must sit and watch his children go hungry, how difficult it is to feed a family on the wages from a 40 hour job, that republicans sure seem like a greedy little pack of shits... is a flash back to that idea about voting for war.  So, here's the big question:  What would the world look like if a community were to take responsibility for their neighbors to ensure that they had positive work, food, heat in the winter, ac in the summer?  What would this world look like if we were more concerned with giving our children the best education possible, that they were fed to grow, and that they were happy?   What would this world look like if we wanted to be sure that people were healthy?
  Would we be so concerned with the oil fields a half world away?  Would we spend billions upon billions killing people we don't know and watching those we do know languish in poverty?

There was once a Great Man who told people to " Love Thy Neighbor ".    Yet, far too often, we find a certain portion of our people, many of who purport to follow that first man, actually following the one who declared that the path to power and riches is to exploit thy neighbor..... I think his name was Hitler.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Just a bit of love... and we have a Miracle!

Do you ever wonder why they keep screaming?

The Little Republican Sidestep:  Attack the something so loudly that no one sees anything else.  Mix it up just enough to avoid being obvious to the sheep.  Gay Marriage.  ObamaCare.  Rising Debt. Wonder... what's next???

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A bit of my reality.

This is my Gracie.  I took this pic last year, just about Mother's Day.

And, this is a very real part of our day.
  I was really glad to see I'm not alone.