Sunday, December 29, 2013

The 2013 Song by Troye Sivan.

I love this young man's blog:  Please go see him.    I find him cute, quirky, witty and very fun.  He's also a wonderfully talented person - a great actor, singer, and he uses his popularity to do great things.  Love ya, Troye!

A Little Help from my Friends...

Hi Everyone!

  For Christmas, I asked for a blue ray player.  Hey, they asked, I said what I wanted.  Well, I didn't get it... did get $100 towards it.  So, here is where I need help:

1.  Do I buy a blue ray player... or
2.  Do I buy a Roku???

What blue ray?  What Roku?   Why?

I want to release you all to give your opinion.  I won't be angry if I follow your opinion to find it not a good choice some time later.  What I really want is your thoughts since I have no experience with either product.

If you would rather, make your opinion to my email:

I really do feel a bit in the wind on this, so your thoughts are greatly appreciated.