Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's not so far

Oh, my child, you just don't see.  The road is before you, one day you'll be free.  I know you feel pain and shame, fear that binds, and you think the only way out is to die.  But that despair, little one, is one hundred percent lie.
  Oh, my child, you just don't see.  We root for you every day, wanting you to believe.  I'd carry the weight for you, I'l share your load.  But the butterfly must struggle to fly or never be so bold. 
  There is going to be pain, struggle and some loss.  But the life you will gain is worth every cost.  Just don't despair, your journey is but begun.  Don't give up, you've nearly won.

Dedicated to all who feel they just can't go live anymore.  We love you.  Hold on.