Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From the mouthes of babes...


I saw this picture and it made me think. In 50 years, how will people look at the actions of our political parties? How will historians think about our actions? If you look at this picture and see the smiling faces, the happy children about to receive cake, the nice ladies and gentlemen observing, you would perhaps forget the end result of that political party's direction.
We all know the horror story that evolved into WW2. Some could probably remark on the real effects that they lived through. But, that's not really my point here. My point is perspective.
From the inside looking out, from what is known and lived in, we often don't even have a clue as to what the others in the world may see looking in. And, let's face it, sometimes the choice is to go with it or beat yourself against the wall of inevitability. In utter despair for lack of options, we shrug our shoulders and adapt.
Too often we are sheep, following whoever is leading, going where-ever they lead, and never really thinking about the impact of our leaders decisions. Often, our issues deal more with the objections to convenience, comfort, even entertainment.
Let's ask ourselves: would we be more grieved because our country is at war or because our cable is out? Would we begrudge higher gas prices or involvement in other country's affairs? The price of cornflakes or feeding starving people? I imagine I could come up with other examples, but you get my point.
Blind obedience to our leaders is dangerous. Forsaking one's conscience in the fight for political power is foolish. Losing one's sense of right or wrong, giving up the fight for good, presuming that the future will take care of itself will all end in ........