Sunday, January 30, 2011

Startled and Surprised...

I was so startled this weekend to come face to face with my school-age boy crush. After looking closer, I realized it wasn't him...but mostly becuase I don't think this picture is quite old enough. It sure looked like my friend.
You are probably lost. Sorry. I am referring to one of the very first posts I ever did. I wrote about a boy-crush I had when I was in school for a friend. I never told Tommy how I loved to just stare off into his eyes. At 13 that's a hard conversation to have. He had just recently died when I wrote that post, so you can imagine me seeing his picture now and how startled I would be.
When i started this blog, it was to speak about things that made me smile, that lifted my soul. It was to share with you a bit of my life.....the intimate bit; the things that were important to me. I have never given my name, for obvious reasons, but anyone reading this blog probably knows me better than someone who has known me by name and face for years. Well, I say all of that to say that I wanted to share with you my source for this picture and let you look for yourself. Maybe, like me, you will find someone who once took your breath away.