Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Something tells me this New Year is going to have an attitude!


Hello my friends; As you who have followed this stumbling adventure, and as you others that may have read my side bar, I have been struggling to understand the difference between the lies I've told myself, my peers and my relatives, and the truth that lives within my soul. It was a difficult admission for me to realize that I am attracted to boy parts and not so much to girl parts. It has been an even greater difficulty to make that change in my life. So, I think, I study, I look and try to learn. One once said that if you free your mind then your ass will surely follow. A second but similar struggle, I've really run into a wall in dealing with Scottie's last challenge when speaking about the man who is behind bars for supposedly leaking to that wiki person where Scottie asked "what do we do about this [his abusive captivity]. I say all of that to introduce a vid I found on conformity. I will put up the link, but I am also going to try to put up the vid. It is long, somewhat dry, but if you can get past the academic drone, some of the questions that suddenly come crashing into my mind, and surely yours, are very interesting. For instance: Why does it take so damn long for simple things, like dadt and gay marriage, to be resolved and allowed to fly? They are obvious issues, and yet the loud minority seems to be the strongest. Why is there debate on Global Warming? Either it is or it ain' it. For that matter, why is it that arguments in the political sphere have little to do with fact, but people will quote you the by-lines with clear threat in their voices should you disagree. And, why do I find that I sometimes agree when I doubt what I'm agreeing to? Have I grown that weary? How has the "fair and balanced" (choke) "reporting" of fox news, which you likely read in Scottie's ToyBox, effected the way things have gone in this country and the way people think? Have you noticed the repeating catch phrases in the republican speakers? There is a reason for that. It has little to do with the truth. Why is Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Rielly, and that whole clan of mouths so successful? Why is it that I know more about the hygene habits of know-nothing celebrities than I know about the wars in Iraq, Afganistan, Korea, Darfur, Pakistan, I need to go on?....after watching the news? How is it that I still find myself allowing other's opinions to influence my life, even in ways that make me unhappy? Shouldn't I be beyond this? You will surely have other questions....I didn't list all that I have. But, I think I did find an answer to Scottie. If you are reading, Scottie, here is the best answer I can come up with: Climb to the roof-tops, in blogger-form, and scream it as loud as you are able: THIS IS WRONG! Then, say it again, and again, and again. Encourage others to say it. Please take a moment, see the's less than 10-min., and the man says you will be less likely to be conforming after watching it. Not a cure, but awareness is its' own panacea. Here is the link...I can't seem to post the vid.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Grinch in Charities form...

I guess I can't be too surprised, and yet it pisses me off. The charity calls, and why is it that they always come from the "out of area" part of town, or so says my caller id? I received a call yesterday, and having learned a bit I now ask questions. The first question: Who are you and for which charity are you calling? Well, I got the name of the charity. I suspect the call was coming from a second company. So, I told the nice man that I would look up his charity and if he felt confident that his charity would meet approval he could call back in a couple of days and we would discuss it. He asked if I wanted the charity's web site? I laughed and told him that wouldn't be necessary, I would look it up. He seemed discouraged when he hung up. Here's why... The charity, which purports that it's primary recipient is children suffering from leukemia, has received an "F" rating by the BBB and other raters. Of course, its own site is full of praise. My point: No matter how good the charity sounds, do your homework. It took me very little time to work through the fluff and find the meat of this charity. It was rotten.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Now that Christmas is done...

Well, Christmas is over. The presents are all unwrapped and even the returns have been made. So, now we have to wonder if Santa has brought us the gifts we always wanted.
I have to laugh at myself a bit today. My parents left on their yearly migration, barking and snapping as they went with time-outs in the midst of it all for hugs goodbye. I'll see them again when the flowers are in bloom. And, danged if I don't find myself missing them. Even the dog is mopey. Go figure.
So, time to ask ourselves, did Santa bring the gift we really want?
I find that my soul is lonely for one beautiful and bold. One who will hold me in the night, when it's cold.
My heart is weary for the often times so many mothers cry when their son, a soldier, dies.
My hands feel useless when hunger I see, cramping the stomach of one so wee.
So I ask Santa, to return all my gifts. I realize I've forgotten so many things for my lists.
Let us open Peace. Let us unwrap Love. Let us light up forgiveness like stars up above.
Let us sing about Hope. Let us drink to Harmony. Let every cup floweth over in Plenty.
Let my Hand reach out to Your's, and Your's to Another.
Let us Give Thanks and Hug, like Brothers.
I don't know if Santa will honor such requests. I hope so.
Ask away. It couldn't hurt. Let your own requests be written below.
Have a very Happy New Year, my friends. With hugs; randy.

Friday, December 24, 2010

ok, no one likes the serious ones, how about these?

May this start a wonderful day for you...

some new things to the blog

Hello all: Just to keep you up to date, there are a couple of new things to the blog. The first has to do with comments. I don't know if you are aware, but I recently received my first spam comment. I found it extremely rude of someone to do that. I've maintained a open comment section here, figuring I really enjoyed allowing people to comment as they feel and not edit or restrict what someone had to say. But, as we all know, spammers have no decency whatsoever. For now, I am going to maintain the open comment status. I may get some spam seems to be that once these people find you they don't just go away. I hope you are not effected by this and please be careful about following any links or suggestions from such. I will try to stay on tope of things. If it get's too bad I will just go to moderated comments and ask you all to be patient with me. The second thing is that I am adding a link into the blog roll. I received a comment from "M" at Beautiful Planet about how he reworked his site and all. I visited, and it is obvious that he has done a great deal of work. I saw nothing that would be grandmothers being butchered with kitchen cleavers or such, so it is being added. I did have one person tell me that he wasn't terrible fond of the site, but on review it really lives up to its is all about beauty, the beauty that is all around us. So, up it goes. Please stop by and see all the wonderful work he has done. My last point is about the Christmas songs and such. I have let people know from the first that I believe in a loving God Who forgives me. I know that others do not, and that's ok too. I'm not here to judge or try to convert. But, as blogs are quite hedonistic by their very nature, and this one is about sharing things I find good and beautiful and life affirming in a world filled with things often the very opposite, I shared some songs that lift my soul, my heart, and help me deal with some very difficult times. I hope you who read the blog understand that I am not trying to shove God down anyone's throat. Sometimes, we can hear something beautiful, see something beautiful, and though there may be a message included with which we don't agree there are other things which are good to see. I hope you are able to find that with these. As I close this, and as the year is coming to a close, I want to thank all of you who have helped me through. I feel like I've grown a great deal this year, that I've dealt with some things that have weighed me down and held me down. If I am ever able to more return the favor, please write to me. I may not have an answer, but I have two ears - I can at least listen and cry, be angry or laugh with you. May you all have a Merry Christmas, a wonderful winter holiday in whatever manner that you do....and yes, I am an ignorant American, please tell me what is special for you this time of year and help me to be less parochial.....and may all of our New Year be filled with happiness.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Peace on Earth, Can it be......

How long, my friends, has it been since we didn't have a war going on during Christmas?

Monday, December 20, 2010

one of my all time favorites...

Sung by a man who has struggled with his orientation and acceptance in an ironically unforgiving group. I thank him for his songs and encourage him, if I may be so bold, to follow his heart and not be what he thinks people want of him...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Holiday Music...hope you enjoy.

I am struggling with the whole holiday thing this year. Just can't seem to shake this bit of depression that still lingers. So, looking to lift my heart and soul a bit I sought out some lifting vids and, well, here are some to share with you. I know not all of you celebrate Christmas, but beautiful things are beautiful in any context. I would suggest expanding the view of the second vid to get the full effect. Holiday Hugs to You All! These are, of course, not my work. Please note the authors as they have done wonderful work.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

it gets better...

For any like Seth...

I began this blog with the intention of sharing things I found interesting, learning a bit about myself in a fairly safe environment, and sharing myself with a world I'd basically avoided. In the scope of this I've found I'm often touched by the pain of others, enough so that I've broken into the past and want to share something with anyone who is reading who may feel such pain and misery. This was inspired, in part, by reading the article on Milkboy's today about Seth. It somehow got me to tell a difficult story, full of sentence fragments and probably's one I probably should not tell. Well, before I wimp out, I'll post it and let the chips fall. To any who are thinking of ending their life. Don't. Please, just don't. I was born the youngest of two, to the distinct displeasure of the other. An older sister who surely would rather have had a puppy. I was the one who followed and pestered and wanted only to be loved, liked, wanted. To simply be wanted. In the years of my youth I never found the way to simply fit in. I was the middle child in the neighborhood, older or younger than the rest. I had no “best friend”, something I truly always wanted. Oh, there was no shortage of kids in my neighborhood, I just always felt a bit out of sync with them. It leaves a hunger in a kid, a wanting. In the course of time and days I found someone who seemed to want to spend time with me, who laughed at my jokes and antics but not at me, and who I found to be so very cool. He was four years older than me, but for a while that was just wonderful in my eyes. His name was Steve. I found that particular snake in Eden’s garden unstoppable, though. Scandal struck our little neighborhood when he was accused of forcing another boy to blow him. I didn’t know there were others who he had forced to do this; thought I was the only one. He laughed about it, and it seemed he had every right to laugh as nothing ever came of it. No one could stop him, it seemed. I was eleven when he caught me alone in the woods and raped me. Looking back, there are times in my life that are just simply grey and brown fog. Blocked out memories, compartmentalized moments. That was one such day. I remember little from it but feeling humiliated. I was embarrassed and just wanted to escape to my bedroom and disappear. It was just before school started, I remember. I was moving on to the Jr. High that year, afraid of all the new things that would come with that but looking forward just the same. It was the year I learned to love reading, reading my first real book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. It was the year I found gym to be the most interesting and frightening place in the world, filled with kids getting naked for showers. I was pushed into the corner by some of the older kids after gym as one whispered into my ear he’d heard I gave good head and was a good fuck. I was eleven years old when I decided I’d had enough and got my father’s gun. I was too afraid to live anymore, and far too humiliated for it as well, but equally frightened of dying. I knew I’d go to hell. I knew it. And still, I couldn’t go on. With the barrel at my right eye, screaming at the top of my lungs for anyone and no-one to hear, the hammer slammed forward on nothing, and I’d realized I’d peed myself. I put the gun away and went to bed. I told Mom I wasn’t feeling well. I’d realized I was stuck. I was too afraid of living, I was too afraid to die. What the hell was I going to do tomorrow? I’m in my 40’s now. I’ve bumped my head on life a number of times, trying to understand the seemingly uncomprehendable. In many ways I’ve found that I’m still afraid of the what-ifs that live outside the walls I’ve built, but I’ve also found that there is life within these walls. I envy some of the young people I read about who seem to have found the way to embrace life, who have been able to be free and be themselves. I cry with the kids who believe there is no life worth living in their current misery. I’m no model, but dammit Hang On! It get’s better. To all the ones giving up, just please...hang on!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Uh oh, randy's back on his soap box...

Hello everyone;
Maybe I should post this in Rants...Randy's Rants....nah.
Looking at Milkboy's today I saw an interesting post. They are in my "Sites I like" so go read about "Murder is ok, incest...".
Now, I don't watch a lot of tv. Part of that has to do with my work schedule, as most of the "good" shows are on in the evening when normal people watch tv. Best I can get is morning reruns of shows from the 1970's and 1980's or "news" - I put that in quotes...we all know why. But, having the parents here for a bit, who live and die by the next chapter in Mom's soap or their favorite cop shows and csi shows, I got a little taste of what is still the top draw for prime-time audiences: over-the-top drama and murder. Both of which I commented to them as being very depressing. I was told to hush, their show was on.
Recently books were taken down from a certain web site book seller, who I won't mention by name...see the Milkboy's article...and the downward spiral has begun. The interesting development was almost scripted and forecasted by everyone who has denounced book burning and banning for's a slippery slope.
Of course, it won't get to the extremes, right? We won't have another dark age where "the church" confiscates and burns anything that isn't the approved message....or remember the recent movie "The Book of Eli"? It won't get to that point, I'm sure. I keep telling myself that because anything else is quite paranoid and I reserve that for the people who keep following me. And yet, look at the "mainstreaming" that goes on now. Has anyone ever wondered, in this age of videos and "Pop-Idol", if Joe Cocker would have ever gotten a contract? He's got a beautiful heart and soul, but probably doesn't quite meet the "Pop-Idol" model. He's not alone...I've yet to get my call to the red carpet...and so those who know more about this can tell you that the music industry has become so mainstreamed as to stifle creativity. "Video killed the radio star...". Now, in the best interests of all readers, we must mainstream our literal offerings so as not to offend any little soul. We must protect the reader at all costs.....and so goes the new ideas, the creativity, the pushing of the envelope.
There are many things written that I would not care to have enter into my pure little mind, as jaded as it is. There are certain envelopes that I've found I'd rather not push too far. And yet, as an adult, it is truly my responsibility to screen that for myself. I don't like images of violence and murder....and can we tone it back on the csi shows! Well, don't watch them some would say. Ah, a brilliant idea!
Can you imagine? Can you believe that as an adult I could choose to not watch something, not read something, or at least not believe something?
Must I have someone safeguard my poor little mind from the things that go boo! in the bookstore?
I know bs when I see it. I follow c-span now and again and I see the political ads. Is it so far fetched that I can decide what is and what is not acceptable for myself?
Why is murder wonderful and sex dirty? Who decided that lying, cheating, hurting, dying, fighting, getting hit in the nads and "political correctness" competing with "political morality" can all come through, but if some lady at a football game shows a boobie the world comes to a screaching halt?
Well, the good news; the history books are still available so we can script the future.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010's what's for breakfast when you work the night shift.

Like any red blooded American sod, I do like a beer now and again. Especially after a rough shift at work. Working the night shift does make for some odd looks though. I guess we have to all have the same drinking schedule. Who makes up these rules?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

...and Liberty and Justice for All?

Hello Everyone; Since beginning this blog and looking for things to share, it has been my distinct pleasure and chagrin to be often surprised and humbled by youngsters. Kids, really, what do they know? Well, somewhere along the way they listened to the words and the meanings without the duplicity the adults mix into the message. Such is the case below. I would encourage you to watch this video. Rather than simply posting the vid, I am posting the link as I noticed other vids in the same area very worthwhile and interesting. Please let me know what you think. Thanks to Amar for bringing it to my attention and allowing me to steal it from him to post here. :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I think I'm tired of winter already...

Hello everyone;
It's been a difficult week. I've had the company of my parents, normally not a horrible thing - at least in short doses, but...well, it's been a long time since it was more than just me and the dog for any extended time and I've had them here since before Thanksgiving. The dog is loving the extra attention, of course. And, with the funeral being put off a coming in just a matter of's been an extra stressful time with this open sore in my heart and mind. So, I decided I needed something nice to look at for a moment, something warm and wet and...well, and thought I would share same with you. Happy viewing! -randy

Sunday, December 5, 2010

We're all brothers...

Hi Everyone;
As I recover to this particular hit to my little world I find myself confronted with the notion that my little world may be just a bit bigger....or that this large world may be a bit smaller.
I was the awestruck and appreciative recipient of condolences and hugs from all around the world...from here in the States, England, Germany, and from people in places I'm not aware. It was an incredible heartfelt gesture by people in this little community, and the empathy you showed for my plight helped me see I wasn't alone. Thank you.
I saw this demo/vid and wanted to share it with you. I felt myself a bit awestruck and unsure of what to think at the end. I thought about how I can improve the mood of the people about me by improving my own mood. I thought how my friends about the world are only known to me by this little box sitting on my desk, but their impact on my life and my heart is so very much more. Also, I realized that all the pop songs about us being sojourners on this spaceship earth may be just a bit closer to the truth than some would find comfortable.
Well, follow the thread and see it for yourself. Tell me what you think. -randy.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Update on the Nov.17 post...

Hello all;
I just wanted to share with you that the Aunt that I had spoken about on November 17 passed away last night. Her son and best friend were with her, and loved ones had been around her all during the day. I guess if it comes one's time to go, moving on when loved ones can be there with you to send you on your way peaceably is the best.
She was my constant supporter, a dear heart who lived up to the reputation for red-heads. I will find myself missing her very much.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advertisements we will never see now...

Is this some crazy stuff or what? I guess you could say nearly anything you wanted then and get away with it. I didn't share all the ads that were sent to me...some were really bad, and that's in reference to these. Hey, go figure, eh? -randy

Monday, November 29, 2010

...or can the leopard change his spots...

The origin, the popular origin of this phrase comes from the Bible, specifically the book of Jeremiah 13.23. It asks if one can be different from that which he has drawn himself accustomed to being. And yet, the question lives: do the spots define the leopard? He is known by them, surely, and yet they are only skin deep. How deep is the heart? How deep is the soul? In a rush to judgement, we look at a person by the image most portrayed by the loudest of his detractors and determine his very nature by the mistakes in which he has tripped and stumbled to this place by which he now stands. The saint in this century is one who has the greatest publicist, not the greatest moral and ethical code. The villian is the moment, the easy mark, the simplest fool too slow to understand when to point and run. So, if I am so bold, let me paraphrase - and in the act of paraphrasing, forgive the butchering of a great man's iconic speach - I pray that one day men will be known by the heart that beats, the soul that shines and the mind that moves, not the hand, not the mouth, and surely not the feet that stumble. If I may dream, let it be that the spirit may exceed the flesh and rise up to lead the man to great things.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I wonder where life goes...

Like some sort of comedy of errors, a Benny Hill Show in living color, my little world trudges on step after goofy step, and I can't help but to wonder sometimes where it will end up. I've made it very clear in my blog sidebar that I've lived my life a bit as a lie, never really coming out as gay or straight, but perhaps not doing so has made it all too clear for all too many. Who knows, and perhaps, who cares.
I wasn't all too fired up to declare myself because I figure I have enough problems at the moment. Would it effect my friends...probably. My job? No, shouldn't...but there are a lot of shouldn'ts in this world that just seem to be there anyway. So, when I got the call this morning from an old friend, one who I grew up with just a few houses between, I probably should have been much more circumspect. But, there the goofy foot goes, and step by step, my path grows ever sillier. She asked if I have a girlfriend, how am I doing...yada yada. Well, she knows enough about me to know enough and finally just came out and asked. Damn, now what? I told her I'm still searching for the answers.
You know, in a world where I've been subject to unending judgement from much of my family, here comes this wonderful person, whose life is filled with problems of her own including cancer, addictions, mental struggles, who told me that she could care less either way. She said that it was more important to be happy than to make everyone around me happy....and that I should just be me. Isn't that just the most sage advice?
Of course, words and actions are often so different. It's easy to say, it's harder to do. Life on the rail gets you splinters, that's for sure, but perhaps the silly little strut my life seems to be on will waddle me right towards the very things she wants me to commit to - the very things I need to commit to in order to begin living. Nonetheless, I think right now I'm going to do my best to be happy where I am and try to avoid running head long into any walls. ...randy.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Amazing acrobatics....

Hello All; I first saw this type of stuff on Scottie's Toy Box, and wanted to see more! So, went searching and found more...please pay attention to the credits. I hope you enjoy these young men.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A couple more before i take the holiday break....

Hi Everyone;

I have yet to figure out how to schedule posts. Tried....didn't work. So, throwing them at you in clumps. Here are some quick vids I found, and I can't remember where - I need to write these things down. Anyway, I hope you like them. There are lessons here for us....

1. Plan ahead. 2. Knock before entering a person's private space. :) randy.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving is coming my friends...

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Ok, so I'm a bit early, and a bit parochial. But, there is a point to all of this. First, to get some posts done before company comes and I'm much more limited in my ability to post. Second, to make my point early enough to allow you all time to tell me to go blow.

So, you ready? Here's my point: go hug someone today! Go be that person that is able to help, is able to lift up, hold up, even shove up. Be the person that smiles at the checker in the store, holds the door for the people coming through behind you. Be the person that picks up the errant trash...carefully...and disposes of it. Be the light in someones day, even for just the moment. Let a bit of light shine, my friends. As you've been for me so many times! Hugs -randy

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Around and around they go, where my thoughts can be one knows!

Hello all;
I had a few wandering thoughts today, somehow they seemed to come together with an actor....shown here....who I find not particularly likable. I think I first felt that way when he did the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I grew up on that was one of the first books I ever read, willingly. Even read the sequel, The Glass Elevator. But, what sort of struck me was how this man has played so very many rolls. Some were tough, some crazy, some lovable and, well, many were just plain weird. And, it made me think of all the rolls we play in our daily lives.
A for instance: my family is coming to my house for Thanksgiving. Wee! Ok, I love my family, just maybe not in my house...for more than a day. I think I have them for 10. So, first...they don't know about you. Sorry, we will just have to keep things on the down low while I play the dutiful son. I may not return in any assemblance of sanity. That happens around my family. It's like having a guest with the flu....they stay for a while, coughing and hacking and after a bit they leave..but now you have the flu. Ok? Same thing...just, well, these folks are nuts.
I thought about how some people live so differently during the day in the working, etc., world, and come home a totally different person. I thought about the working man who comes home and yells at his kids, beats his wife, partner, etc., for the stress he has from work. Would work change if the bosses knew he was so stressed and taking it out on the family? I thought about nudists....I wondered what they do on Casual Friday? Ok, bad joke...but I wonder why is it that we must play these rolls in society different from the rolls we play at home? Why should we care what strangers think of us? Why should we conform to a false culture?
I read an article today in a blog run by a nudist. He spoke about shame, specifically body shame. Isn't that just the oddist thing? Do you suppose native people find themselves ashamed of their body? I don't recall ever hearing of it. It's just skin.... and yet it defines our expectations, our thoughts and fears...even hopes. I grew up in a very body conscious home. I didn't walk about in my undies, and I was always very uncomfortable without a shirt. Can't even tell you why. But, I look back on things and wish I could have been more free. I want that now, and yet I still get nervous walking from my bathroom to my bedroom...what if someone is looking in my window and sees? They'll think I'm a perv! Of course, the real question would be why were they looking in my window....but it's my thinking that's the issue. Even when no one is supposed to be looking at me, I must conform to their rules and expectations. I have to play the role.

The eyes have it...

"I feel pretty....Oh, so pretty..." Finally proof of reincarnation. Meet the former Wilford Brimley
The men in the Hoot Family are just a bit special,
to the embarrassment of the women. Huey, Dewey, and Louis see their first 747
And, then....and then, the vet....he said he had to check!
"Yeah, as a mattah o'fact, Polley do wanna'
whatever else yous got"
What part of 'No Solicitors' do you not understand?
"I can not believe you said that! I say 'good day'.
"Hey! A bit of privacy!"
a special thanks to m.Cavignaux
"Ha! Oh, wow....that's hillarious. Right in the midst of...."
"Ok, that's enough of your humor young man!"
"I said, 'No! You may Not take my picture'. Do we understand now?"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well, here's what's happening in Randy's life....(run away now)

Ok, for those of you who remain... hello :) I've had a bit of a difficult time lately. But, they say that goes with living. I believe the quote was: dying is easy, it's living that's difficult. I'm going slowly nuts trying to keep up with 4-lawns continuously refilling with leaves. The downside to living in a neighborhood with older women being the primary residents. The upside, of course, is good cooking! But, what has me insane with grief and worry is that I may soon be losing another who is very close to me. I am not particularly well placed in my family. That's the nice way of saying "black sheep", isn't it? So, an Aunt who has been specially kind and a ready therapist, occasional cook and baker, a very close person to in very bad shape. When my friend and neighor passed, my Aunt had been sick for about three days. That was 6-weeks ago. She went under the knife today - the big C. There are some things I just don't understand in life....that's one of them. So, in the span of a very short time, I am looking at losing two of the most important people in my life. Well, present company excepted, of course. You are all special, you know that. I don't know what I would have done had not one particular person been so kind and caring. He emails me often to see how I'm doing, and the funny thing is I feel closer to him than anyone I know....yet we've never met. I've been able to share this with him, and he's helped me remain sane...well, as close as I get. You know who you are, and I can't thank you enough!!! I'd also like to thank you others who have sent your concerns. It makes me feel very good to know that I'm not alone. I felt that way just a bit ago; mainly feeling sorry for myself but also just a bit frightened about losing another so dear. (I'm doing better now....). So, I've not been posting much lately, and I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't walked away or fell into the loo, got lost in the mail, what-have-you. Nope, just finding that there seems so little time when it becomes so dear. hugs to you all. -randy

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Greyson Chance singing on Ellen....he's a great rising star!

This boy exploded onto the scene when a song he performed on his middle school talent show was put on utub. He went to the Ellen show and, well, looks like he's returned. I am so impressed with his showmanship, his feeling, his voice control and timbre all in a singer very young and relatively inexperienced. He will go far, I believe, and I am cheering him on. I hope you do as well. -randy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome to my favorite pictures...

These pictures are ones that really captured my attention. This first set is not in any real grouping, but just a more random collection. You very well may have seen these on other's blogs....I stole them :)... I saw them and they were so heart catching and made me stop and really pay attention. Pictures that seem to just capture pure life, pictures of emotions, of peace and of love, of hope and hurt. They caught me, I hope they are heart and thought provoking for you as well. -r
This one below really hit me hard. I don't really know why, but it did. I don't know if I ever wanted so badly to give someone a hug as I did on this picture. I wanted to make whatever it was go away. You may want to skip this's a heart tugger. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^