Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Sadly Real Story

Hi Friends;

  I was updating my understanding of the news and knows in our little community via a stop over to Milkboys.  The story of Indian Rep. Phil Hinkle being caught in an effort to have consensual intercourse with an adult teen posting his desires on Craig's List is not exactly news, but his actions since have been very interesting.
  To begin, the young man wrote an ad on Craig's list detailing his desire for a "sugar daddy".  Phil responded with an offer of $80 and a possible tip for a fun filled evening - I'll let you fill in the details for yourself.
  Now, to detail some issues:  Phil has held a decidedly anti-gay viewpoint, specifically in regards to so called "gay marriage".  In fact, he led the way on a full block of the issue in Indiana.
  His response to being quite caught in the above attempted prostitution of a young man, encouraging what some may call illicit and immoral acts for money has been "I'm sick and need help".  "I did nothing really illegal".  "We were going to talk baseball" (I believe that's a line from Jani Lane's Cherry Pie as well, but that could just be coincidence).  He has refused to step down as an Indiana Representative, though he has been stripped of his committee appointments and has been publicly asked to step down by the Indiana House Speaker.  Does that about cover things?

  Ok, so here is my point:  The fact that Phil Hinkle was caught in an attempted illicit homosexual affair is not the crime here. 

  The fact that Phil Hinkle felt he needed to hide his orientation and have these dark room affairs is the crime.

  The freedom that we as gay men and women strive for should not be now thrown in this man's face with laughter, meanness and 'gotcha' gloating at his being caught, it should lament the very need for him to be hiding and unwilling to be himself.  He was in a power position, and has lost it all for his inability to be himself.

  Furthering his distortion of his need for "a walk on the wild side" (Lou Reed), this old man did lasting damage.  His legislative efforts against the freedom we all hope for will not be tossed simply because he is in fact bisexual (at least), or even that he is actually duplicitous, two-faced, hypocrite.... you fill in the word... because the politicians really have no problem with any of that particular character trait.  No, his efforts will be held in esteem, quietly, and pushed forward simply because they further an agenda that decries homosexuality as immoral - no matter how many bodies they have to step over to be on the 'moral high ground'.