Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Agravated, Saddened, and somewhat Confused

Hi Friends;
  I began this blog to begin to understand a bit more about me.  Who I was/am, and how can I be more?  I thought that along the way I would share some things that I read, things that interest me and share my thoughts on them, hoping to hear the thoughts of others.  At times I've found things that just break my heart, that make me angry, or even joyful.  But, there is something going on in this country that just has me baffled.
  Like most of us, I read about the "Junkyard Prophets"  See Here - a conglomeration of terms that tells me more than would make that group comfortable - going into a school, a general assembly, and sharing a message of hope?  No.  Of peace?  No.  Of uplifting and positive direction?  No.
 Of indoctrination?   Yep! 
  Somehow, this school felt that the students were so far ahead of the curve on Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Logic, Government and Social issues that it needed time for hatred, indoctrination, anger and bigotry.  Who knew the American students were so far along.
  But, what has me lost is... why?  Why is there such a hatred for that which is different?  Why are people so willing to be mean and nasty to a relatively small segment of society?  Why so much energy?
  For a breeder, the absence of other challenging males ought to engender sublime joy!  All the more females for him, right?  For a Christian, it isn't an issue of public law or direction of the social construct of a country, it's about a relationship with his/her Creator.  For a patriot, seeking to strengthen a country... what has my bedroom got to do with it?  There are gays in the military - have been forever.  Remember the Spartans?  Being gay has nothing to do with pulling a trigger - as our military effectiveness with gays in the service demonstrates.  But further, for a true patriot, the ideals of this country would demand that he/she stand up for the rights of citizens; for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - not seek to take it away for religious reasons.  That's antithetical to the creation of the country!
  I'm feeling really dejected and lonely about all of this.  It seems to leave an ache in me that I just can't explain.  I'm past anger, outrage.  I'm sliding head long into nausea  as I read these stories and I just keep asking why.  Why, my friends, is this such an issue?