Friday, April 12, 2013

Hello Friends;

  I was sent this today.  If you may recall, the Michigan republicans decided to put wolves on the list for hunting after decades spent on the endangered species list.  I guess having just barely reached 700, that was sufficient.  What was actually sufficient is that someone is trying to make a dollar on hunting wolves.  And, republicans seem all for decimating anything to get their greedy hands on that dollar.

  Please read the below, follow the link, send a letter to your senator or the Michigan senate.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.  I am too angry right now.  I was one who helped with the signatures noted below in paragraph 2.  The republicans have decided that the voice of all us voters matters for naught!   jerks!  Sorry, still angry!

Please speak up!


Speak Up for Your Right to Protect Wolves

In an appalling power grab by politicians in Lansing, legislation (S.B. 288) has been introduced that could undo all the work we've accomplished so far for wolves. And even worse, it would undermine Michiganders' longstanding right to have a say in what happens to all of our state's wildlife!

Just last month, thanks to the hard work of volunteers across the state, we turned in more than 250,000 signatures of registered Michigan voters to place a referendum on the ballot that would protect our wolves. But now in a stunning assault on our voting rights, some politicians are trying to pass a bill to undermine the hard work of our volunteers.

Senate Bill 288 would put all power in the hands of politicians and the Natural Resources Commission, and prevent voters from having a say on these issues. The agency bureaucrats could open a new hunting season on any species without public input and there would be no way for voters to intervene.
We need your voice to stop these politicians. Please make a brief, polite phone call to your state senator and your state representative today and urge them to vote NO vote on S.B. 288.
After all of our hard work in this campaign to protect wolves, we can't let politicians undermine our role in the democratic process