Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ok, I'm tired of it. Give it a break!

At what point is enough enough? At what level of indecency, veiled racism, and out and out rude behavior is enough for those who don't particularly care for the ways and manner of our current leader? I get emails every day, I hear people talk, and don't even mention "focks news" - who rutinely fock up anything they bother to bring to the attention of the viewing public. The flat simple fact is I'm too damn tired of hearing it. Cut the guy some slack! Do I like everything he's done? No! But, then if I look at everything I've done I find there are things I don't like there either. The constant badgering is not only ruthless, but truthless. I get these "do you know..." emails that turn out to be exagerations at best, and usually simple inuendo. I want the truth. Fighting against a policy or group of ideas with lies lessens the one beneath the other. Yes, I know, he didn't live up to everything he said he would do. You seem somehow surprised. Why? The saying goes "there are lies, damn lies, and political promises." The simple truth of the matter is that I would just love to see what could happen if one of our leaders actually could acheive something without having to bribe Senator ______ or buy half of his own party, etc. I want to see some proposals go to the vote and people say, 'yeah, that could work'. They sell their votes without a thought towards shame, and then blame and squeel about someone else for 'not accomplishing' all thier purported goals. Let's cut to the chase: Obama is our leader. He represents the country, he leads our hopes for the future, and his every decision is going to effect our future. I want someone who won't be afraid to say something becuase he will be ripped simply for speaking. We don't have to agree with everything he says; that's the great thing about this country. But, have some intelligence in your argument against his policy decision. If you aren't smart enough to say something with intelligence and facts, I'd really rather you just shut the hell up. thank you. -randy.

Monday, September 27, 2010

This song always reminds me of how lonely I am at times...

video ...and yet it is a favorite. A beautiful song.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stars shining so very brightly ... a tribute.

video video video video

Thanks to all the original posters. I was feeling a bit like some Queen today, and here it is. There is a sadness in my heart to have missed these shows.... Please visit the official Queen site. It is listed at the video start and finish. Also, Declan's...who did a wonderful cover of this Queen hit.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Star Trek convention I want to attend...

Hi All you out there in, well, the 'out there'. And, for those of you who are 'out there', and you know who you are....or perhaps you are going to be the last to know this one? I thought I'd post a pic of a close encounter of the most interesting kind....
Thank you to ClothesFree.com

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amazing pics from Hubble...

It is in moments when we can see just how vast the universe truly is that we understand how small our concerns can be in the scope of everything, and yet how big to us. Look at all those galaxies...and each has thousands of suns with planets. Gas and dust and stars....
Oops...that's two pics up there.
This looks like something out of Star Trek...
Isn't that just incredible?
I can't help but to believe there is life out there.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Troye Sivan, growing up

Hey gang; I love to find child singers and hear the growth potential. It is some odd desire to know them before they become famous, I guess. But, it is usually a disappointment to find their voices going to other venues as the hormones kick in. Declan is perhaps top in this list. He held such a beautiful voice for so long, but it is a bit out of control at the moment. I hope to hear his voice return to him as he matures. Troye Sivan, actor in theater and cinema, and of course, child singer of great talent, has a place on U-tube...you know the place. His voice has, by evidence of below, grown even more beautiful. I hope to hear so very much more from him......maybe then we can hear a bit less from miss montana?


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Powerful, and brought as a whole from Milkboys...

http://blog.milkboys.org Sept.04 For more than a century, boys went in damaged and came out destroyed. It was for their own good. A report on child abuse at the Florida School for Boys. The men remember the same things: blood on the walls, bits of lip or tongue on the pillow, the smell of urine and whiskey, the way the bed springs sang with each blow. The way they cried out for Jesus or mama. The grinding of the old fan that muffled their cries. The one-armed man who swung the strap. They remember walking into the dark little building on the campus of the Florida School for Boys, in bare feet and white pajamas, afraid they’d never walk out. For 109 years, this is where Florida has sent bad boys. Boys have been sent here for rape or assault, yes, but also for skipping school or smoking cigarettes or running hard from broken homes. Some were tough, some confused and afraid; all were treading through their formative years in the custody of the state. They were as young as 5, as old as 20, and they needed to be reformed. It was for their own good. Now come the men with nightmares and scars on their backsides, carrying 50 years of wreckage — ruined marriages and prison time and meanness and smoldering anger. Now comes a state investigation into unmarked graves, a lawsuit against a dying old man. Now come the questions: How could this happen? What should be done? Those questions have been asked again and again about the reform school at Marianna, where, for more than a century, boys went in damaged and came out destroyed. Please go to Milkboys and view this entire posting. Also, please follow and read the comments. I lost a friend to the "juvenile justice system". Thank you to Josh at Milkboys for posting this. I don't have the answer to juvenile justice, or to adult justice; but the people in charge need to remember this is a soul at stake. Don't just throw it away.

Welcome to my day...

Yes, I know, you all are wondering where are all the pretty pictures? It is interesting in my own mind that I see myself becoming braver and braver with my picture posting. I haven't really gotten to the OMG lookit dat level, but I have gathered a passel and will share with you as the opportunity makes way. Right now I'm tired. I guess I've never shared this before, but I own....ok, my lenders own and I pay... a relatively small 3 bdrm 1 bath ranch house. It has a small back yard with big trees, which leave me a bit nervous in wind storms. I've fenced that off for the romping and pooping pleasures of the pooch. Well, I ramble about this house mostly alone...just me and the dog. I've never really liked the paint and paper schemes, and I really didn't like that I had my office area in my bedroom - I had a roommate for a bit and wanted to keep the computer secure from foolishness. So, long holiday weekend, I decided to tackle some needed tasks. As I type this, I am now in my new office, which has a large window and door out to the back yard. And, well, the dog is using the yard well at the moment. Could have done without that. But, otherwise, it's sort of a nice change from the drab wall I was looking upon as I worked. The room isn't done yet...I need to move some other things out and maybe move some in. But, I can stretch....now, I just need to remember to close the drapes when visiting those, uh, sites.... well, you know. My next project was the driveway. Sorely in need of a sealant. And, credit card to the rescue, out comes the 5-gallon bucket of sealer and a brush/squeegee. Well, that was an experience best left alone. Not too terribly difficult, but for the wind blowing leaves on the wet driveway. The number of people that just insisted on driving in to see me as I was cleaning and sealing was astounding. I don't see that many people here in a month! Well, the tire tracks showing in the newly sealed driveway ought to tell people what that space is for. My other project for the weekend is to paint my livingroom. Now, most of the wall space is taken with paper or brick, so I really didn't have that deep of a job ahead of me. So, picking out samples and making my decision, I chose a nice light green that went well with my bricks, sofa, wall paper, and floor....it was beautiful, every where but on the wall. I found it difficult to stay in the room, and chose to eat looking the other way. It was truly horrendous. There goes $40. Decided to repaint antique white, a cop-out, I know. And, yes, antique white is short for old and boring...but, it matches everything! So, back to the paint store, right? Nope...see, I told the paint person that I didn't want to go with something so plain and boring despite his suggestions after seeing my decor'.... The good news is that the other store had antique white on sale. The bad news, I have to leave the other paint up for at least two days before painting over it. I'm going to miss my lazyboy...