Monday, September 2, 2013

Who I am, Who you are.

Hello Friends;

  I read a post by Jay recently, and it was a great post - but it bothered me.  I couldn't put my finger on why, and that bothered me even more.  Here is his great post:
  I am a very poor "blogger friend".  I rarely comment, and it's not because I don't care.  It has more to do with the fact that it is rare that my thoughts are all that unique to what is already made in comment.  I will often simply comment to let the person know that I visited, that I care - maybe pass on a thought, but mostly to let them know that I care.  In this case, I wanted to tell Jay he was simply horny, but that would have been sarcastic and not respecting the thought and intent of his post.  I do hope you will read it!
Then there are the times when, much like a gorilla passing a playground spinning wheel, my mind is sent on a blur of odd thoughts and memories, fears, hopes and dreams by a post.  Sometimes it isn't what the blogger had in mind at all, but as a
testament to his/her ability to convey ideas that breed ideas that spin-off into to sky, there I am with a confused look on my face.  It takes me days, weeks, or never... I may never understand what is bothering me about the post, about the ideas and thoughts that I found from the post.
  Much like Jay, I've kept my true self hidden for a very long time.  Unlike Jay, I've yet to have the courage to be completely open with the world about who I am.
    Many moons ago, I made a post with an odd picture of a boy in strange garb.  I say that with the utmost respect, so please don't shoot me - well, dang, let me see if I can find it... ok, here it is.   I thought the young man beautiful, and at the risk of using a phrase that is surely to be turned, I have that same flower growing in my own garden, so it further caught my eye.  I enjoyed the colors, the odd rope thing, the flowing cover, and the weird interplay between confidence and vulnerability that I see in his expression.  I gotta say, don't like the ear thing - sorry.  Not into that.  But, no matter, I was so very drawn to the picture because, in my mind, it cried out "Here I am.  I am beautiful.  Accept me."..... ok, made me just a bit horny, too.  But, you get my point.
    Today, I saw this post, and I'm going to give you the link and the pic... enlarge the pic if you need to see it better:

What bothered me, in Jay's post, in my own thoughts, and began to gel in this new post I saw on 'rebellion..... We are so very much more that the image we portray, the concept or judgement of those about us.  We are influenced, even to the point of allowing those things to begin to define us, but we are so very much more than that.
  Martin Luther King Jr.called out his dream of a time when people would be judged on the content of their character.  Even in such a utopian image do I find difficulty, because who says that judgement to be fair or accurate?  You see, I too have a dream:  I have a dream that Life will be considered Unique and Treasured.  I have a dream that all little boys and girls will be judged not on the colors they wear, but will be treasured for the beauty of their heart and mind, their Spirit.  That each of us will be understood as a masterpiece of Unique sculpture, impossible to be exactly reproduced and priceless.  I have a dream that all of us will treat others with respect, care and no one will be hungry, cold, afraid, alone.    Hugs.       May your dreams be Grand.