Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hi Friends;

  A comment by Miles to my last post began a thought for me....almost always a dangerous thing leading to all sorts of unknown and heretofore best left alone areas.  You know, the proverbial " where angels fear to tread " thing.  Well, rash be damned, I'm confused.  
  To save you some time, in paraphrase, I commented to Miles that we create a great multitude of unnatural consequences from forcing what we would consider "natural" choices on people -- ok, actually I said that anytime a natural attraction is stifled, unnatural things are apt to develop.    And, there is where I get into trouble.  You see, this isn't a very well thought out post, it's an idea that is bugging me to no end.
  On the one hand, we, the "we as a people" we, have a duty and a right to train our young, etc, into an image that fits our outlook of what is right for humanity.  And yet, it is the very oddballs among us that seem to make such incredible leaps of creativity and thought.  Einstein was a very poor student due to his learning disabilities, and Elvis's choir teacher said he couldn't sing...the history of man is filled with such examples.  And yet, we try and try to put our youth and such into these forms that are fit in our eyes.
  Do any of you remember when the powers that be would try to retrain left handed kids to write right handed, because that was the right thing?  And yet, there is a certain segment of the population, a natural and undeniable portion of us as people, who are left handed.  What other traits are natural but the 'powers'  seek to "retrain"?
  Now, as is often the focus of this blog, the comment engendering this thought was about sexuality... specifically the church's role in deciding that certain behaviors of the priests were ok under wraps of secrecy while the outward orientation of homosexuality was decried a sin.  And, as is often the case with comments involving the church and sex, it was with kids that happened.....which made me wonder if the very control seeking behavior of the church decrying homosexuality did encourage pederasty as an unnatural outlet of the proverbial square peg being forced into the round hole?
  And, now we come to my confusion.  You see, I am wondering if this is part of the repeated problems we have now or if the problems we have are just the "anomie" of the times.  Are we fighting natural progressions and creating more and more problems because of that, or are we - again this is all 'we as a people' - failing to guide and develop our young as we should?

So, help me out...what do you think?