Sunday, July 3, 2011

Who got caught?

Hi Friends; I received a note from more than a couple of you that the last video caught some of you, had you believing that the news cast was for real. It came, as I mentioned in a comment response, from "The Onion", a grop of satirists who, much like John Stewert, poke fun at the obsurdity of our current world. I mentioned in a comment about how the "news people" jumped on the band wagon so quickly and called out thier abject horror at the audacity of the wind farmers. It's frighteningly close to the way our news broadcasts act. I recall some time back Geraldo Rivera was on Fox and a report was made. The others got so worked up that, are you ready for this?....Geraldo Rivera became the voice of reason! So, my title of "Beware the wind" was not about the wind farmers or the "threat" they pose, it was the hot air that comes from those who will say anything to be in the lime light; endorse any product, idea, or threat, cosign any "terror", any "protection". All that has to be said is that it is a threat and people fall over themselves to get in line. And, what do they give know, outside of the ability to think?