Thursday, June 28, 2012

Words, Weighing us Down

Hello My Friends;

  I just saw a wonderful video.  Small, short, easy.... It talks about how we carry words with us.  They not only impact our moment, but color our day.  They fill us, make us heavy, or make us light.  What words do you carry?  What words do I?
  More important, what words do we inflict upon others?

  At work there is one man who is a classic pain in the butt.  He's a Cliff Claven of Cheers fame.  A social outcast, a gossip who needs to be liked yet doesn't shower or dress well.  He just seems to place himself in the worst circumstances and, by word or deed, digs his holes deeper and deeper.  And yet, he is a man, worthy of respect and care - no matter how difficult I find it to do so in times of frustration with him.  I've been doing my best to always speak well to him.  Because he's aggravating, it's an obvious challenge - like giving up chocolate for New Year's or Lent, or something.  In the process, I've found him still a bit aggravating, but very human. 

  Here is the link to that wonderful video.  It was on Milkboys, so you likely already saw it.  I was touched by it, by the simple message it portrayed.  With such a simple word of Haj (hello) did the colors shine in this one's life.  May we always be aware of our words, and may our words lift our fellow human beings.