Sunday, January 9, 2011

ok, batch number 3 pics

I like how this pic shows another side of this boy.
Pink is not weak~

Miles encounters another bump, but presses on.

Hello all; Our friend Miles has lost his site...but no worries, he has found another and the "blogs that I like" will have this new addy as soon as I get done typing here. I am saddened that the powers that be are unable to see that what Miles posts are not intended to lead to "an attraction to children" but to celebrate the beauty that is in childhood. Many of us lost a portion of our childhood. I, personally, need more laughter, more smiles, more hope in my life. The happy smiling faces that look out from his site are a life-affirming vision, a slice of God's perfect creation before the ravages of this world settle down upon their shoulders. I see good things in his posts, not pornographic. I am saddened that the powers that be seem to have lost the ability to see the good and are only open to porn. That's, quite frankly, messed up! Carry on, Miles!

A wonderful singer

Hello all; I was off visiting the many blogs of Gilbert....he is in the "followers", though it should be the other way around, truth to tell..... and saw such a wonderful vid of Johnny Hammer singing my favorite song "Mary Did You Know" in a sort of techno beat. I loved it! Please visit friend Gilbert's site to see this vid and other great stuff. You better post this vid next Christmas, Gilbert...or I'll steal it from you and post it myself!