Wednesday, February 9, 2011

this little one

He walks through my dreams, This little one with the green eyes. Where old men lust for power, There this little one lies. Do they see this little one? This little one with the green eyes? Or do old men’s lust for power Simply tell their own lies? His silence screams in my mind. This little one with the green eyes. My heart beats with conviction For allowing old men’s lies. His silence convicts my own. This little one with the green eyes. I’ve failed to stop them, little one, And somewhere another child lies.

I don't think I'm being bigoted about this...

Hello friends;
I was sitting in a meeting and found myself in the very uncomfortable position of having to sit next to, well, one of them. You know how they are, all weird and ...well, I was just so very uncomfortable with the whole thing.
Things were ok for a while, there were other people in the room and we were discussing business issues and such. Hey, what are you going to do... you go to work and there they are sometimes. But then everyone left on errands for just a minute or two, left us sitting there alone. Gave me the heebies. Oh, and then he wanted to strike up conversation.... what in the world am I going to have to talk with this guy about? I don't know that I could even imagine the things he finds interesting.
Oh, for the most part, he seems like he tries to be just one of the guys, but you know it's all a put-on. I mean, sometimes, he will even drive a pick-up truck. But, he always comes in wearing a fancy shirt and tie. The nerve. And, so, ok, he's tall and lean and I guess handsome, but does he have to dress like that? Look, a work shirt and jeans is good enough for me, it should be fine for him too, shouldn't it? Well, I guess he's not one to get dirty and all. You know what that type are all about.
And I just hate going into his office. I mean does he have to have his lover's picture there right on the desk? Ok, so he owns the company and all, but still he should have to show some decorum. I mean, I guess I'm as liberal as the next guy, well mostly; I mean, couldn't there be a town or city or something just for "them" .... where I don't have to be subjected to this stuff? I mean, does he have to have pictures up? I don't want to see that.... there he is smiling in his fancy shirt with his wife and her fancy shirt. Even the kids had fancy shirts on. Damn heterosexuals.... they should just lock them up and keep them away from us normal people.
( I hope everyone who reads this understands it is a parody on prejudice and how a person in the majority may think about a person who is in a minority. I had a panic that I'd offended some people, so this addition is to put my mind and heart to rest on that concern. Also, check out this link: )