Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shop Kitty

Hi Friends;
  I just wanted to bring you up to date on my decision regarding the rumor of abuse to the stray cat showing up at work....  I wrote a small sign and posted it on the front board near the time cards, it said:  "Be Kind to Small Animals.   The small kindnesses you do for them has big effects upon their lives, and the small meanness you do to them shows just how very very small you can be".   I did it in a poster format, boxed and with stylized printing.  Then, I made numerous copies.... It's been ripped down by said maintenance man 4 times now...and reposted each time by me and others. 
  Conversation has started and some who were not favorable towards the cat ...which is fine, not everyone is a cat lover ....  have seen how very small, in fact, such an act of mean-ness it is to kick or otherwise hurt a small animal.  So, success - even if a bit limited.

  12/16/11 -- a quick edit update:  Kitty showed up last night.  Seems no worse for the reported wear, and even allowed me to pick it up and put it back outside.  I did put up a box bed for it.... :)

Oh good, the translater is working. Now we can understand what he is saying...