Friday, June 8, 2012

Words will never hurt me....?

  Reading a recent posting on Milkboys has me a bit concerned and, frankly, pissed.  To be true, I want the best for myself - I think we all do.  Do I have the courage to go out and risk certain things to achieve it?  No, but that is a conversation for another time.  I surely want the best for our youth.
  Here is the article portion that caught my eye:  92% say they (the 'they' refers to lgbt youth) hear negative messages about being LGBT – 60% say those messages come from politicians.
  In what may or not be fair, I guess I look to Scottie as a certain role model in that he is who he is - deal with it.  But many aren't that strong.  Inevitably, I look towards young people a bit protectively and as a result this statistic brings about my anger and protective ire. 
  Here we have all these politicians and preachers pounding their particular pulpits and podiums, mostly their puds, while railing against the very folk for whom they should be protecting.  You politicians say you are "for the children" and yet look at this statistic!  I am assuming that at least some of the other negative comments heard come from pulpit pounders, but I may be wrong in that assumption.  Still, STILL!  Look to your words!  Is it a wonder that our young men and women are choosing to die rather than live as they are - or in some horrible circumstances, as they are perceived - in this world?!
  I see the most hideous and heinous actions when our politicians willingly stomp on the rights, needs, and the very hearts! of our young people to garner a vote from the frumpy and rumply set.  You assholes should be ashamed!