Friday, June 8, 2012

Words will never hurt me....?

  Reading a recent posting on Milkboys has me a bit concerned and, frankly, pissed.  To be true, I want the best for myself - I think we all do.  Do I have the courage to go out and risk certain things to achieve it?  No, but that is a conversation for another time.  I surely want the best for our youth.
  Here is the article portion that caught my eye:  92% say they (the 'they' refers to lgbt youth) hear negative messages about being LGBT – 60% say those messages come from politicians.
  In what may or not be fair, I guess I look to Scottie as a certain role model in that he is who he is - deal with it.  But many aren't that strong.  Inevitably, I look towards young people a bit protectively and as a result this statistic brings about my anger and protective ire. 
  Here we have all these politicians and preachers pounding their particular pulpits and podiums, mostly their puds, while railing against the very folk for whom they should be protecting.  You politicians say you are "for the children" and yet look at this statistic!  I am assuming that at least some of the other negative comments heard come from pulpit pounders, but I may be wrong in that assumption.  Still, STILL!  Look to your words!  Is it a wonder that our young men and women are choosing to die rather than live as they are - or in some horrible circumstances, as they are perceived - in this world?!
  I see the most hideous and heinous actions when our politicians willingly stomp on the rights, needs, and the very hearts! of our young people to garner a vote from the frumpy and rumply set.  You assholes should be ashamed!


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
It's arguable, in my opinion, that if politicians had any shame, they wouldn't be politicians in the first place. 'Vote for me' is the only mantra that matters.
As for the so-called 'spiritual leaders', what their excuse is, I couldn't begin to guess. 'God loves you - as long as you're one of us'. Vile, and nothing less.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy bee,
pls see also
Milkboys blog from which you cite, inspired me to do that post.
hugs to a hard working man:)
<3 miles

randy said...

Hi Sammy;

You've said it! Right on the button, I think. How are you doing?


Doug said...

Unfortunately there are a lot of pastors out there who choose to only follow parts of the Bible and ignore a lot of Jesus taught us. There are also a growing number of preachers like me that choose to follow what Jesus taught, that everybody should be loved and treated right. It is a shame that some preachers choose to preach hate instead of love. One day God will deal with these false prophets. Remember that God does not care what color your skin is, where you live or who you love.

randy said...

Hi Miles;
Your comment ended up in the spam filter again. I have to watch that very closely. Not sure why yours always goes there, but such is life.
I flipped over to your page and found a couple that seemed relevent, but the one with the hand around the little guy's neck, the hand made of hurtful words, seemed right on. Our words have an effect, and not just with the little ones, but the adults too. It likely is more pronounced on the young ones, but us adults need people to treat us well. It's harder to remember, but yeilds wonderful fruit.
Hugs to you Miles!


randy said...

Hi Doug;

While waiting to go to work last night, I found myself watching a great show on pbs. I searched it out today, and found a bare mention on the pbs channel, but did find a page on it. It is: I found myself captivated by the stories, by the fear and hope, and by the love. And, that brings me to my point: One lady who was in the Church spoke on the ways people respond to gay family members; she said "I choose to err on the side of love".
How profound is that? When these preachers get up and say their hurtful things, I see God in those simple words.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Randy,
how can in the U.S. really acting so many self-styled preacher?
Do they have not to study "theology" at the University?
Do the pastors of large churches have to study?
Who pays for this pastors?
But the most important - who do "ordained" these so-called saviors and supervise them?
Gruß Nikki

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
There are universities and such, even those sponsored by particular religions and divisions of that religion. And, then there are those who just "are called". It all stems from the adage of "the squeeky wheel gets the grease".... or, speak and be heard.
The Bible is filled with just about anything you can imagine, and a person who has a desire can use it to justify nearly anything.
That there is the problem. It is likely the problem with most religions, where someone with an agenda can distort, twist, politicize and prostitute. It takes a strong mind to question authority, especially "authority given by God", and yet that is what is most necessary. Not to doubt, not to deny, but to demand that seeking is as important or more so than being led by the nose, especially when being led down a wrong road.
In that case, then, the people supervise the leader, and the leader helps the people seek. It is the way it should be - but all too often is not.