Thursday, June 16, 2011

Speaking to me from 50-years ago

When I was in college, my very limited exposure to Victor Frankl was most inspiring. He was a psychologist interred into Hitler's camps, and he spoke later about maintaining his positive view of humanity and himself. I was amazed that he could lift his face high, and even more so that he could view his captors and jailers as humans and not monsters.

We live in an age of retribution, demonization, and demoralization. We beat others down for their crimes and mistakes, seek to keep them down, and somehow find ourselves in the ditch right along with the ones we wish to derail. The recent issue of Anthony Weiner, a man with perhaps some issues but talented and capable in his profession, resigned today due to "the distraction" (the sexting) has caused his work and his party.

The simple fact of our life in this day is that the media dictate the reality. JFK is rumored to have numerous flings and other issues that would drive a current day newsroom into spontaneous orgasm for hours, and yet he is most known for his works and attempts, not his failures. Perfection is denied any and every man but perhaps one, and if these same reporters were to look so closely at their own life they would be ashamed to splash another's. Songs and anecdotes have cried the "there's no good news" for years, "it bleeds it leads", and other such so-called news.

I am as guilty or more than the next guy. I am often speaking ill when I should be lifting up, negative when I should be positive, pessimistic when should be optimistic. But, I'm learning.....