Sunday, September 4, 2011

The institutionalized and politically acceptable face of hate.

Hello Friends,

  I was just perusing "The Price of Hate", a blog I link to via Billy Lucas's shoes picture.  I was watching a video there, specifically this story:  and I began to think on not only the price of hate, as the blog title mentions, but the manner in which the focus and source of hate seems to be changing.  And, it all stemmed from the vid in which Ava said "no one seemed to care" that this wonderful young man had become so desperate to escape the hate that he chose suicide.
  Politicians were typically known for not wishing to alienate any group lest they lose whatever votes could come from that group.  Lately, things sure seem to be changing.  And, I wonder if this change is not so much due to the politician, or the people he is trying to persuade to vote for him.  One thing that has really stood out over the last three years:  there are a whole lot of people who see President Obama first and foremost as a black man in the White House and feel a great deal of offense at this.  I heard a joke the other day that Air Force One now has curb feelers and spinners.  I thought what would be funny is for the President to embrace these jokes and do just that, but too many wouldn't get the joke.
  Another form of hate that is blatant, and yet hidden in the "focus on the family" bullshit, is the DOMA and other such prejudiced rants.  To blame the gay community for the downgrade of America seems to place a great deal of power in the hands of a fairly outcast group.  As an adult, struggling with my own "ok'ness", this has been felt.  I cannot imagine the manner in which the teens deal with it.  For that matter, perhaps better.
  So, here we are, an America of the Free, as long as you are hetero christian.  The funny thing is, the phrase "yearning to be free..." seems to have no impact on how some will treat others in their own bid to express thier "freedom", including the institutionalized and politicized prejudice and bondage of those that don't fall into lockstep with their same vision of "freedom". 

So, for the record, you republicans and tea baggers:  you aren't fooling God.  Stop the hate in His name.