Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Looking beyond the navel...

Hello Friends;

  I just recently watched and read this: Basically, it is another piece of Fox hating the poor.  Near that, I read a bit about the support of a firm stand against Russia/Putin for the invasion of another country.  Got me thinking...

  Some time ago, I remember seeing a little thing about voting for wars.  The basic tenant of the idea is that if a person votes for war, then they also commit to putting on boots, taking up a gun, going to war.  Now, not so sure how I agree or not about that.. but, the idea of personal integrity, of saying that one's vote for something is not simply a philosophical or mental expression but a whole person commitment?  That seems a good idea.
  Now, back to this article above.  Did you watch the vid?  Read the article?  I thought about a few things as I watched that, and one of those things... among a few ideas of how very dangerous a man is who must sit and watch his children go hungry, how difficult it is to feed a family on the wages from a 40 hour job, that republicans sure seem like a greedy little pack of shits... is a flash back to that idea about voting for war.  So, here's the big question:  What would the world look like if a community were to take responsibility for their neighbors to ensure that they had positive work, food, heat in the winter, ac in the summer?  What would this world look like if we were more concerned with giving our children the best education possible, that they were fed to grow, and that they were happy?   What would this world look like if we wanted to be sure that people were healthy?
  Would we be so concerned with the oil fields a half world away?  Would we spend billions upon billions killing people we don't know and watching those we do know languish in poverty?

There was once a Great Man who told people to " Love Thy Neighbor ".    Yet, far too often, we find a certain portion of our people, many of who purport to follow that first man, actually following the one who declared that the path to power and riches is to exploit thy neighbor..... I think his name was Hitler.