Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ok, I'm tired of it. Give it a break!

At what point is enough enough? At what level of indecency, veiled racism, and out and out rude behavior is enough for those who don't particularly care for the ways and manner of our current leader? I get emails every day, I hear people talk, and don't even mention "focks news" - who rutinely fock up anything they bother to bring to the attention of the viewing public. The flat simple fact is I'm too damn tired of hearing it. Cut the guy some slack! Do I like everything he's done? No! But, then if I look at everything I've done I find there are things I don't like there either. The constant badgering is not only ruthless, but truthless. I get these "do you know..." emails that turn out to be exagerations at best, and usually simple inuendo. I want the truth. Fighting against a policy or group of ideas with lies lessens the one beneath the other. Yes, I know, he didn't live up to everything he said he would do. You seem somehow surprised. Why? The saying goes "there are lies, damn lies, and political promises." The simple truth of the matter is that I would just love to see what could happen if one of our leaders actually could acheive something without having to bribe Senator ______ or buy half of his own party, etc. I want to see some proposals go to the vote and people say, 'yeah, that could work'. They sell their votes without a thought towards shame, and then blame and squeel about someone else for 'not accomplishing' all thier purported goals. Let's cut to the chase: Obama is our leader. He represents the country, he leads our hopes for the future, and his every decision is going to effect our future. I want someone who won't be afraid to say something becuase he will be ripped simply for speaking. We don't have to agree with everything he says; that's the great thing about this country. But, have some intelligence in your argument against his policy decision. If you aren't smart enough to say something with intelligence and facts, I'd really rather you just shut the hell up. thank you. -randy.