Friday, September 2, 2011

A very brave man Dances.

Hello Friends;

  There are those in this world who stand up, and in the midst of handling their own issues, their own trials and struggles, declare themselves ok.  They are ok to be them, and it really doesn't matter if Sister Beulah Betterthanyou (yes, that was a music reference to this) and all the others in the front row of the First Self Righteous Church approve or not.  From my little closet, I applaud you Chaz, and I thank you for having the great courage to stand.  In your strength do I find courage for myself to stand, and that is a rare gift to give another....and I'm angry that there are those who would steal that gift.
  The incredible irony of these fools who would thump their Bibles and declare Chaz wrong for even being alive is that, having the surgery, Chaz is now 'heterosexual'.  Isn't that what these Tools want?
  The sad truth is that these wolves claiming to be sheep in God's pasture who go about condemning and screaming about "Christian Values" seem to forget that Jesus, the very Christ in "Christian" only had one moment in which he became angry and lashed out at the people:  when the Temple of God was being used by moneylenders.  Yep, using God's House as a profit center and affiliating oneself with Him as some sort of cosigner for the misdeed is what truly angered Christ.
  Since Christ's other messages were of love for fellow man and love for God, not judgement, not 'standing in the doorway' and declaring who may enter heaven and who may not, I would say that Chaz will be welcomed into Heaven...... and yes, I understand that some do not believe this religion, but bear with me..... and held in Christ's loving arms, and those who would condemn the man for being himself would find a different sort of response from on high.

Chaz;  I hope you Dance