Thursday, May 26, 2011


hi again; I changed the password on the email account, so if there was a hack it may be nulled. If that is the case, if all is well, I will put up the email again. If there is a problem, please let me know via the comment section here. Again, my apologies. -randy

Sorry folks

Hi Everyone.

I just found out that some --- having trouble being nice right now.... someone hacked the email wordsthateffect at hotmail. So, if you get a message, sorry. I'm deleting the account right now and will put up a new one. My sincere apologies.


Just a bit of young love

Ah, yes. Spring. Time for a bit of love, a bit of caring for our fellow man. "Have you loved your neighbor, today?" And hey, is he cute? Does he have a brother? Call me!