Friday, May 20, 2011


Hi Friends;

I took a day off of work to try to get some house work done. Let's face it, I'm out of clothes and I can't find my kitchen counters.

But, another bonus of having a day off is I get to surf and look. This is a young star on the rise, for sure, and I found him through Milkboys and Skyclad Scribble. So, of course, visit them.

I was inrigued by this music for a couple of reasons: One, I've been working too much and not living. The song is all about living for today for tomarrow may not come. Laugh, love, play....and indeed in the background as he sings "I will die, but not today" we hear kids playing and laughing in the background. This says life to me, and was truly inspirational. It inspired me to post something today, if nothing more, and I'm smiling as I do this. Must be a great song.