Friday, November 30, 2012

My current drink of choice...

Hello my friends;

  I was in the kitchen just now, emptying the dishwasher and cleaning up the remainder of the dinner mess from tonight, thinking how I hadn't posted anything recently.  I then realized that I didn't post anything because I haven't had much going on - no drama.  I've been blessed to have the opportunity to "take a week off" - and by that I mean, I'm only working one job this week!  It seems like vacation!

  So, what's new?  Well, being a relatively non-drinker type (I usually top out at two beers, and though a heavyweight in most definitions, a clear bantam weight in alcohol - three beers makes me giggle), I was given a mixed drink despite my assurances that I don't drink mixed drinks.  People rarely listen to me, I've found.  It was an apple liquer in hot apple juice, and I really liked it.  Made me warm :).     Well, I've not been able to find said apple liquer, but here is my new favorite drink:

Tall glass - say 16 oz. water glass.
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.
Apple juice. 

Put in some Rum.  Yeah, that's enough.
Fill glass with Apple Juice.  Apple cider is good, too!
Microwave until toasty warm.


I've heard that a cinnemon stick is nice.....

What are your favorites and suggestions for me to try?  Remember, I'm not a big drinker - I don't do wine, and I'm not much for whiskey.   I do like a bit of Bailey's Irish Creme in my coffee - maybe, because like this, it warms me nicely.   I like the warm feeling, not the burning!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

It was a beautiful dream

Hello darkness, my old friend;
I've come to talk with you again.
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its image while I was sleeping.
And the vision that was planted in my brain,
It still my closet.

 Hi everyone;
  Over the weekend, I've had time to consider my closet.   It's a theme I've thought about numerous times, so I hope you don't mind, but it's on my mind a lot.  But, perhaps that's just the thing:  As we think on something we come closer to the solution, and conversely, as we avoid something we hide from the very truth of it.  So, in order to be in control of my very life, I need to be in control of my closet - as it were - and that requires that I,at least, know the truth and can be comfortable with that truth. 
The Media and America
  The concept of a translucent closet is likely not new.  There have been some celebrities who came out only to have the world utter "duh".  And, there have been others who were dragged out kicking and screaming by a media and public intent upon knowing every iota of a celebrity's life - whether that tidbit of information is relevant to the world or not.  And, while some celebrities at least have the finances to leave their situation if need be, there are many who are not so blessed.  I read a story of a teenager who was quite forcibly removed from his closet by the betrayal of his brother, only to then be kicked out of his house at 15 to live on the streets where he was robbed, raped, beaten and starved before finding his way.  He still somehow is gay - even after all that negativity attached to the concept.  He must choose being gay over living at home, huh?
  So, who am I and what do I want from life?  I think I deserve to have a life the way I want, for the most part, don't you?  After all, I am a homeowner, ok - the mortgagor still owns a fair portion, I work more than a 40 hour week, I help my neighbors, I volunteer with community stray animal rescue, I pay my taxes, pay my bills and obligations, don't speed..... much....
But, somehow, I don't count as much to society as the guy who has children - even who has numerous children that he doesn't care for. ?
  America has lost its' mind.  Like a bunch of sheep, it has allowed hypocrites and control freaks to declare, dictate, legislate and politicize my very freedom.  Who are they?  Where are they when my feet are cold, when I ache from loneliness and just want to know that I'm loved?  Why do they get a vote on who shares my bed, my life, when they aren't willing to be in my bed or my life?  This is not the way I wanted this article to go, but dammit I'm angry that groups like NOM and others get to put in their two cents when, quite frankly, they don't care!
  Well, angry is not how I want to live my life.... let me tell you about this dream I had last night:  I lived a great portion of my childhood within biking distance of the beach.  And, during my 14th summer, that is where I spent the majority of my days.  I would ride there in the morning after my chores were done, spend the day with friends or even alone in the sun and the surf, turning brown in the sun, then come home before the parents to finish off any chores before dinner.  It was a good summer, and quite frankly, my last good summer.  So, perhaps that's why I still dream of it at times.   And, that's where I was last night.  No one cared that I was holding hands with another man, that we were in love, that we were "out in the open".  We were just us, among a bunch of other "us"es.  It was a beautiful dream.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

What to do....?

Hello Everyone:
  Recently I had a bit of high concern that my Gracie may have gotten into rodent poison.  She is ok, but I learned that I knew very little about what to do - though I had some very wonderful people help me even though it was a holiday!  Still, I decided that when I got home, I would do a post on "what to do..." for the blog. 
  As I began to research this article, I quickly found that there was more than could be put into a simple post.  One great person advised a number of great sites full of information, and another gave me the idea of books on the topic.
  Below is something I stole from the ASPCA.  I give you the link as well, and I hope you will visit their site.  Perhaps highest of value, the number to call to get a vet on the line. 
 There are a number of great books available as well for home reference.  One such I found is: 
Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
Debra M. Eldredge DVM (Author etal)
I, of course, hope we all never need any of this.  But, "stuff happens", as they say.  I'm learning to be better prepared.

Thank you!!
~ randy

What To Do If Your Pet Is Poisoned
Don't panic. Rapid response is important, but panicking can interfere with the process of helping your pet.
Take 30 to 60 seconds to safely collect and have at hand any material involved. This may be of great benefit to your vet and/or ASPCA toxicologists, as they determine what poison or poisons are involved. In the event that you need to take your pet to a local veterinarian, be sure to take the product's container with you. Also, collect in a sealable plastic bag any material your pet may have vomited or chewed.
If you witness your pet consuming material that you suspect might be toxic, do not hesitate to seek emergency assistance, even if you do not notice any adverse effects. Sometimes, even if poisoned, an animal may appear normal for several hours or for days after the incident.
Call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
The telephone number is (888) 426-4435. There is a $65 consultation fee for this service.
Be ready with the following information:
· The species, breed, age, sex, weight and number of animals involved.
· The animal's symptoms.
· Information regarding the exposure, including the agent (if known), the amount of the agent involved and the time elapsed since the time of exposure.
· Have the product container/packaging available for reference.
Please note: If your animal is having seizures, losing consciousness, is unconscious or is having difficulty breathing, telephone ahead and bring your pet immediately to your local veterinarian or emergency veterinary clinic. If necessary, he or she may call the ASPCA.
Be Prepared
Keep the telephone number of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center—(888) 426-4435—as well as that of your local veterinarian, in a prominent location.
Invest in an emergency first-aid kit for your pet. The kit should contain:
· A fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide, 3 percent USP (to induce vomiting)
· A turkey baster, bulb syringe or large medicine syringe (to administer peroxide)
· Saline eye solution
· Artificial tear gel (to lubricate eyes after flushing)
· Mild grease-cutting dawn dishwashing liquid (for bathing an animal after skin contamination)
· Forceps (to remove stingers)
· A muzzle (to protect against fear- or excitement-induced biting)
· A can of your pet's favorite wet food
· A pet carrier
Always consult a veterinarian or the ASPCA for directions on how and when to use any emergency first-aid item.

Monday, November 19, 2012

This is a Huge challenge for me.

As I stand alone in front of this mirror, looking at the man growing old before me, I can't help wonder will I ever find love?  Is it ok to still hope?  Do I dare believe love is not only out there, but that I'm worthy?  Do I dare believe?

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Strength Required.

Hello Friends;

  I just spoke with you all about how I've felt it necessary to maintain a separation betwixt the randy that is on this blog, and the randy that stumbles through the days.  Then, I see this picture as I'm doing a bit of surfing:
   This young man is beautiful.  He is attractive in a classic sense, pretty is a gay sense, and outside of that earring bole and damned flower that is frustrating my voyeuristic tendencies, I find him absolutely wonderful.  Further, though, it struck me when I looked at this picture that here is a person brave enough to be free.
  We get ourselves stuck on blending in with the crowd, or at least I do.  I feel the need to be accepted, avoid judgement and criticism, be just like everyone else.  Yet, I yearn to be so courageous, to be so free, to be me, however that would show itself.
  To all those who stretch that envelope:  Thank you.  And, would someone move that damn flower!  

A bit of explanation....

Hello My Wonderful Friends;

  I thought I would take just a moment and explain myself;

  You see, in addition to my 40+ hour a week job, as many of you know, I also do lawn care.  So, tonight is basically the first night this week that I've not worked doing leaves after my day job - frankly I needed a night off. 

  I've also increased my involvement with the local rescue organization.  I hope you will all forgive me, but I'm keeping that life separate.  I feel like a schmuck doing so, but as - again - some of you know, my "blogger life" and the facade of my daily life are not quite so similar as I would like.  I am finding that they are coming closer every day, but I'm not ready to be so free quite yet.  I will tell you that I've created another blog to showcase the pictures I take, so others can see themselves with the dogs, or just see the dogs in a different environment than our very professional photographer uses.
  I guess this is taking at least 5 hours a week, posting the pics and handling any comments or problems.  Likely more, you know how it is...

  I've tried to begin my writing again.  I'm actually a bit stuck on one, so if anyone would like to read it and offer ideas, I'd love the help.

  Finally, I spend about an hour every night - well, every night but this one - I've sort of made tonight a lazy night.  I told Scottie that I bought a pizza, rented a movie, and have spent the last 5 hours trying to flatten my butt in this chair. --- Anyway, every night, I spend some time with my dog.  She's home alone a lot, and I sometimes worry that I've brought her into a solitary confinement situation.  So, we go out and play, work on discipline and things, and basically bond.  Tonight, she spent some time in my lap - a 60 pound lap dog! - as I watched the movie.
  I'm thinking a lot about getting another dog.  I may choose to foster, or maybe I adopt another.  I'm not sure if I have the time, or if it is even a good idea.    Thoughts????

  So, why do I tell you all of this?  Well, I guess I feel bad that I'm not posting like I used to.  And, I wanted to tell you why.  Also, I wanted to say that come next month I should have more time..... no leaves in December, don't you know.  I've not forgotten you all, nor turned my back, just a bit overwhelmed for the moment.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


enough said.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Best Hope for America

(For those not familiar, see comedian Jeff Dunham.)
 (try youtube)

I think 'Walter' would make an excellent Sec. of State. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Great Story

Hello Friends;

  I saw this vid recently and loved it.  It struck me that behind every bullied kid is someone filled with talents, interests, hopes and dreams, and even their own private miseries.  No one sees that.  They only see the kid so available for aggression, frustration, a walking outlet for the bully's own miseries.
  I also thought:  No matter what our private misery, no matter how life stacks against us, we need to remember how to dance.

  I hope this vid brings a smile to you.  I hope it encourages you to look behind those people at work, that sales clerk at the market, the rude person in the next car, and see that within their soul is a dancer.  More, I hope it gives you the chance to exercise your own dance.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Who was it?

Who told you that you were so bad?

Who stood there and made you feel small?

Who hurt you?

We've all been hurt.  We've all felt pain.  But, today I was asked an incredible question.  Today I was asked who encouraged me?  What a wonderful question!  Such a positive question!  It immediately brought a smile to my face, remembering the many times a few positive words, words of care and hope, lifted my heart and helped me push back against those troubles that seemed to have me beaten for the moment.  It was a great few minutes of my work day.

Who told you that you were great?

Who stood with you and called you grand?

Who held you when you were sad and made the world smile?

Wouldn't it be great to be that person?  Let today be the day you are that person for another.

 Somewhere someone is going to ask; "why are these last pics of kids?"  Well, maybe it's only kids that are open enough with their feelings, their emotions, to show love, care or friendship so easily caught by camera. 
There is a scripture that reads something in the way of :  "only by coming as a child".  Oh, if only I could crash down those walls so carefully built!  Those walls that were so necessary, and now hold me safely confined.  May freedom one-day reign!