Friday, November 16, 2012

The Strength Required.

Hello Friends;

  I just spoke with you all about how I've felt it necessary to maintain a separation betwixt the randy that is on this blog, and the randy that stumbles through the days.  Then, I see this picture as I'm doing a bit of surfing:
   This young man is beautiful.  He is attractive in a classic sense, pretty is a gay sense, and outside of that earring bole and damned flower that is frustrating my voyeuristic tendencies, I find him absolutely wonderful.  Further, though, it struck me when I looked at this picture that here is a person brave enough to be free.
  We get ourselves stuck on blending in with the crowd, or at least I do.  I feel the need to be accepted, avoid judgement and criticism, be just like everyone else.  Yet, I yearn to be so courageous, to be so free, to be me, however that would show itself.
  To all those who stretch that envelope:  Thank you.  And, would someone move that damn flower!  


Jay M. said...

I hear you. But I guess to a lot of us, blending in is a survival mechanism. For some of us, it's so ingrained that it's almost impossible to break out of.

Keep staring, that flower HAS to wilt eventually, then the petals will fall off, right?!

Peace <3

randy said...

Hi Jay;
Something tells me that flower has staying power. But, as you suggest, I'll stare a bit ;)
Isn't it sad, though, that we are still unable to live free? We have such a shallow culture.


Scottie said...

Hello Randy...weird how peoples taste, excitement differs. It is like frequency...some of us need sex often and lots, some are very happy and satisfied with a lot less activity.

For me this pic doesn't do it so much. Yes I would love to see him strut his stuff, walking around or acting normal nude...but he is too posed, too made seems to unreal to me...But maybe after talking to him for a while looking like this I could get really excited...LOL

Many hugs and my you find a boy like him to keep your bed warm and walk Gracie while you work. Loves

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
Like I said, he's quite pretty. And, as I said, I'm far more reserved. But, what struck me, perhaps because I'm so reserved, is the courage to step out so far, posed or not.
Question: How come I have to be the one going to work?