Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello My Friends;
  I'm not normally at a loss for words.  I love this blog, because I get to spout my little opinions and act like I know what I'm talking about.  But, there are some things going on that I really want in the light to you all out there.  I hope you will talk about these things with others, and encourage people to think about the end result of that bit of vengence they choose to exercise.
  What I'm talking about is the manner in which we as Americans treat so called "Sex Offenders".

  The interesting thing about a sex offense:  Unless there is a death involved, everyone does walk away from it.  Is it acceptable and/or right for people to abuse one another?  Of course not, and I would never be a proponent in any form of that.  But, I'm also unwilling to believe that a person is satan for having problems manifesting in sex offenses.
  I received a comment recently that has had me bothered all week.  I can't seem to concentrate on other things and I guess I find myself quite frightened by the future of this type of hatred.  Please see this very passionate comment:  ((HERE))   

  There are some who justifiably wish to protect children, women, the weak in general.  It is laudible and appropriate.  What seems to me to have happened is that these same have lost that small part of humanity which says that a person punished is justified in restarting his/her life.

My friends; what happens when this type of vengence is pushed further?  It will, you know.  Oh, it might not look the same, but when one goes down a certain road, the things that are difficult at first become easier.  So, what happens when it isn't the sex offender, but the domestic abuser?  What happens when it is the crack dealer?  Should we really care if the drunk driver is put on such restrictions?
  You see, I have these questions:  What is the recidivism rates - the repeat offender rates - for the person convicted of domestic abuse?   What is the recidivism rate of the drunk driver?  The crack or meth dealer?  These are real questions, and I wonder if any of you can find that for me.

  I have a wonderful friend who to this day deals with the after effects of domestic abuse.  I have friends who are no longer with us due to drunk drivers.  And, I have lost family to drug abuse.  Do we just not care for these people?  Or, are we so against sex offenders that we are willing to destroy them?

  I hope you will all voice your thoughts here...even if you don't agree with me.  That's ok.  But, people; we need to help people not put them under bridges like lepers.