Saturday, January 22, 2011

Suddenly, it's the end of the world....I guess.

I guess one has to assume that sooner or later it will happen. It snows a lot. Therefore, the first thing that must occur is the building of a large snowman. It takes a bit more to assume that only one part of the large snowman would be built, but considering it was done by 18 yr. olds, it isn't that big a stretch of the imagination.
Who knew that posting yourself riding on a 7-foot tall snow penis could land you in such hot water?
Such is the case of a high school band director, who was pranked by former students. They built this monument to him in his own front yard. So, the teacher posed with it and posted it on his "facebook page"....done on his home computer and not on the school equipment. Also, the facebook page is not a part of his work place communication.
The question: should this activity, done at home and on his own time, effect his employment?
At what point are we private citizens and at what point do we remain responsible to the company for our private activities?
As you can imagine, this made it to the news.
As computer users, bloggers and readers, surfers, etc., this may effect us all in how we spend our private times away from our jobs. What are your thoughts?
One of the really interesting portions of the link listed above is the other comments on that page. One was about priorities, which I found interesting. Another was about good choices, which I found sage. Take a look.