Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Lost Dog

Hello My Friends;

  I'd like to tell you about today's activities....

  Today I took part in an adoption day for the rescue organization I've mentioned before.  It was quiet, but we got some great people in to see the dogs and maybe find that forever friend they've been missing.
  Afterward, many of us went on a road trip to a nearby town in search of a missing dog.  This poor thing: 17 years old, a cancer survivor twice, deaf, nearly blind, unsteady on its feet.... and somehow now lost.
  The owners, a man and woman, have searched and searched, hoping against hope.  The temperatures sinking below freezing, the age and condition of their sweet friend..... the dog has been missing since Tuesday.  I was hoping I'd find their dog for them, praying I wouldn't as I searched under decks, in bushes, ditches, and along the water's edge.  
  There's no way to not feel for folks who have had a friend share their every day for 17 years, tears controlled only through a force of will.  Each confided to me separately that they believe the dog has died but they search for a live dog because each believes the other would be overly grief-struck.  I drove home tired, cold, and sad.  We didn't find the dog.  So, perhaps that means we can still hope.  

  When I got home I hugged my Gracie, once she was done dancing around my feet.    Fuzzy friends..... how they manage to get into our hearts, and how in the world could we possibly live without them?  I dread the day I will one day have to say goodbye to my friend, .  The best I can do, I guess, is make sure she knows she is loved and appreciated every day I have her.
  Isn't it incredible the wonderful lessons we learn from such "dumb" critters?