Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A shocking pic from my perspective not pretty, be warned.

Hello everyone;
  I looked into msn and saw the horrible nature of man.  I am going to post the picture, because it needs to be posted, but I'll do so far below so that it doesn't come up right away.  People need to see it, and msn believed that also....though it took them a day to come to that conclusion.
  We wonder about a person's delicacy here in America so we don't show pics that are graphic and horrible.  But, those things are loose in the world.  Pain, hurt, anger and death, war and wounds and starvation of body, mind and soul.   It's not what I see in my little corner, and maybe that's a good thing.  I don't know how I'd respond.  Would I be callous?  Would I look upon such a thing with a gladness in my heart that I'd accomplished something profound against my enemy?  I sure hope not.  I sure hope that if I am ever so unfortunate to be placed in such an environment that I could somehow not glory in this type of stuff.
  What I'm going to talk about below is LABELS.  I made a comment on Milkboys that I was concerned about the reference of LGBT issues being labeled as such in reference to civil rights violations.  In my mind, a man or woman, of any age - ie baby to grandmama/grandpapa - who has their rights violated makes for a violation of rights, not a violation of women's rights, man's rights, gays rights, etc....  It seems to me that when we put labels on someone, we open the door for prejudice based solely on that label.  I was told it was not quite so simple, and I defer to more experienced minds on this, but I still have a hard time not seeing it that way.
  Well, same here.  And here is the pic....  It may not make the rest of your day so special...

 An Afghan Shia Muslim's cries near dead and injured after explosions during a religious ceremony in the center of Kabul on Dec. 6. At least 60 people were killed in an explosion at a Kabul shrine where Shia Muslims were marking the Day of Ashura Tuesday.

  Now, when I look at this pic, I don't see an "Afgan Shia Muslim"...  I see a mother, a sister, an aunt or what have you...looking down upon the death and hurt of so many of her neighbors, family, friends.  I see babies, mommies, little boys and grandmas.  I don't see the label so easy to hate, evidently by some.  I see people.   What is going on that babies and mommies and grandmas, little boys and girls, PEOPLE! are a military objective?  How does this do anything?  What is being proven?  How in the world does someone sleep at night after doing this?  and more so, how ever could they think that a loving and real deity could ever sanction such.
   My heart aches.  It just aches. 

hello friends, welcome to the nuthouse...

You know it's a political year, that elections are coming, when the most ridiculous gains place above the very real and scary aspects of life. 

  I've grown so very disillusioned with the manner in which news is presented in this country.  Fox is getting downright shameless in their promotion of an agenda.  Is that the role of the news-broadcasters in our world now?  Not to tell you what is going on, but to find news to fit a political agenda?
  I guess what scares me is that Fox is so blatant about it, but do all do this?
  Some of the recent "you are kidding, right?" for Fox news is decrying the new Muppets movie as part of a communist agenda.  Why?  Because the antagonist for the movie is an oil driller, seeking to bulldoze the Muppets' stage because he found oil there.'s a movie.  You do know that Muppets aren't real, right?  But, up in arms they go, marching off as to war against the enemy....
  So what got me on this rant....  well, I won't even dignify it with words, just this link (WTF!!!) .  I'll let you see the vid and you will understand my incredulity.
  What has become of our country?  Why do people just accept any bs as real and true.  Why don't they use their eyes, observe the world about them?  I know that I am in a small bubble of the world, a small bubble to my state even.  I see things from my perspective, I understand that.  And, I know that I sometimes come off as having the answers....I just want to have a conversation in which we talk about the reality, not the preset bull.  I want to believe that my presence on this planet is not to acquire wealth and step on people smaller than me.  I want to believe that we can be more than we are....I don't want to work towards being selfish and small.
  I've considered repeatedly dropping this blogging exercise.  And, to be honest, there are days when I really just don't like it at all.  When I see things so blatantly under my dignity to even acknowledge but find them to be so prevalent.  What is going on??  How can people be so dumb??  But, small moments come and I hear from people all over the world who tell me about their thoughts, their beliefs, and it is so cool.  Maybe my life is not so small, so closed in this little corner of my world.  Maybe I can go out of this world knowing that I did one thing worth while and cried out to the world ......  THINK!     Well,  you know the old saw...those that can't do, teach.  :)
hugs everyone.