Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A shocking pic from my perspective not pretty, be warned.

Hello everyone;
  I looked into msn and saw the horrible nature of man.  I am going to post the picture, because it needs to be posted, but I'll do so far below so that it doesn't come up right away.  People need to see it, and msn believed that also....though it took them a day to come to that conclusion.
  We wonder about a person's delicacy here in America so we don't show pics that are graphic and horrible.  But, those things are loose in the world.  Pain, hurt, anger and death, war and wounds and starvation of body, mind and soul.   It's not what I see in my little corner, and maybe that's a good thing.  I don't know how I'd respond.  Would I be callous?  Would I look upon such a thing with a gladness in my heart that I'd accomplished something profound against my enemy?  I sure hope not.  I sure hope that if I am ever so unfortunate to be placed in such an environment that I could somehow not glory in this type of stuff.
  What I'm going to talk about below is LABELS.  I made a comment on Milkboys that I was concerned about the reference of LGBT issues being labeled as such in reference to civil rights violations.  In my mind, a man or woman, of any age - ie baby to grandmama/grandpapa - who has their rights violated makes for a violation of rights, not a violation of women's rights, man's rights, gays rights, etc....  It seems to me that when we put labels on someone, we open the door for prejudice based solely on that label.  I was told it was not quite so simple, and I defer to more experienced minds on this, but I still have a hard time not seeing it that way.
  Well, same here.  And here is the pic....  It may not make the rest of your day so special...

 An Afghan Shia Muslim's cries near dead and injured after explosions during a religious ceremony in the center of Kabul on Dec. 6. At least 60 people were killed in an explosion at a Kabul shrine where Shia Muslims were marking the Day of Ashura Tuesday.

  Now, when I look at this pic, I don't see an "Afgan Shia Muslim"...  I see a mother, a sister, an aunt or what have you...looking down upon the death and hurt of so many of her neighbors, family, friends.  I see babies, mommies, little boys and grandmas.  I don't see the label so easy to hate, evidently by some.  I see people.   What is going on that babies and mommies and grandmas, little boys and girls, PEOPLE! are a military objective?  How does this do anything?  What is being proven?  How in the world does someone sleep at night after doing this?  and more so, how ever could they think that a loving and real deity could ever sanction such.
   My heart aches.  It just aches. 


Anonymous said...

Yes Randy, you're right!
Every government does business with the war.
Only yesterday was the news, that the German armaments industry in the last year exported about 30% more war weapons, as in the previous year.
A German politician has made ​​the blasphemous saying "Germany is defended in the Hindu Kush."
The former "Bundespräsident" German Federal President Horst Köhler even told the truth, as he confirmed in an interview that the Afghanistan war serves the economic interests - shortly afterwards he had to resign. (2010).
Founded in 1949 as the "Federal Republic of Germany," was a general consensus that Germany must not participate in any war. By 1955, this was forgotten when the Western Allies called for the armament of Germany and the admission into NATO.
And since reunification and the collapse of the "East-bloc" ("Ostblock"), we mix with lively everywhere. - Maybe even "have to" participate. Perhaps we still need to do what the occupation forces want.
And then the whole "Friede - Freude - Eierkuchen - Weihnachtsrummel" "Peace - Joy - Pancakes - Christmas rush"!!!
Have a good day!

randy said...

Thank you, Nikki;
6 years is all it took, huh? Well, so goes our politicians...

be well;

Scottie said...

Hello Randy. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But this picture needed your words. And we need to read them, understand them.

Maybe there is hope for us that at least a few , such as your self, can not look at this tragic event and not see the people. People like your self who bring to the rest of our attention to the fact that these are people, like us, who have needs, desires, who feel pain and suffer. Like us.

This is caused by the thought of them...not being like us. Thanks what ever it is that gives us people like you who can see that THEY ARE US. We are them.

The beings who do this are not like us. They can't be. They sadly must have forgotten how to feel. I hope I never forget, and I am glad if I ever did, I know people like you who would remind me.

Please don't ever shy from posting what we all need to see, and keep reminding us how it really is. The world needs people to do that.

Hugs and loves. Scottie

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
Thank you, but I'm just a fat middle aged white guy in mid-west America. What do I know about war? What do I know about how children and women, folks at a celebration, are an enemy?
I guess looking at pictures of war where men fight on a field makes some sort of sense to me...but targeting innocents???? I am reminded of a song Declan did when he was little there are other versions, of course, but why do grown men and women wage war without mirrors? How do they not see?

Thank you for your kind words, Scottie. Last night after posting this I was a bit torn up. It's great to have such friends in this world!

hugs and love;

Anonymous said...

One more randy,
in the 70's / 80 years was active in Germany, a strong peace movement. They demonstrated against the stationing of U.S. missiles in Germany and the military buildup of NATO. Many demonstrations ended in street blockades and civil disobedience. Often they were attacked with water cannons and tear gas.
During this time, many anti-war books have been published, you will not find longer on the market today. Many of these books showed the ugly face of war and its victims.
Examples are:
Ernst Friedrich - "Krieg dem Kriege" - "War against War" - 1924 Berlin - 1980ff Zweitausendeins-Verlag Frankfurt.
Kurt Fasmann - "Gedichte gegen den Krieg" - "Poems against the war" - 1961 Kindler-Verlag München.
I do not know whether it's English translations and editions.

Anonymous said...

Hi the three of you,
please pleasse dig a little bit deeper:
It is not the politicians that are mainly responsible for wars, cause they are tied to the apron strings of the really big investors.
The war of Afghanistan for instance lost any of its reasons. The Chinese made the contracts with the oil and gas-producers in Kazachstan --- In the following the big American investers lost those billions they had invested into oil and gas-piplines to bring this oil and gas to western inustries. To get a little bit of that money back, the invested into "Continued War in Afghanistan" --- because - Nikki said it -investing in war and weapons is always highly profitable!!
Ehmmm, btw: Jabbeldu Bushs grandfather investeed into the massmurderer Hitler, because that went to war against the "communists" !! Killing in the wake even thousands of American soldiers ....
It is NOT the politicians, that are mainly responsible for wars, cause they are tied to the apron strings of the really big investors.
Hugs all around
<3 miles

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
Thank you for your reminder of the 70's movements...
You know, if we make a count, is it not interesting to see that the people fighting for peace and love are now those in charge? What happened???
Be well.

randy said...

Hi Miles;
Isn't it interesting how such rich can turn their dollar bills into marionette strings and make their pet polliticians dance?
Thank you for the comment;