Sunday, December 5, 2010

We're all brothers...

Hi Everyone;
As I recover to this particular hit to my little world I find myself confronted with the notion that my little world may be just a bit bigger....or that this large world may be a bit smaller.
I was the awestruck and appreciative recipient of condolences and hugs from all around the world...from here in the States, England, Germany, and from people in places I'm not aware. It was an incredible heartfelt gesture by people in this little community, and the empathy you showed for my plight helped me see I wasn't alone. Thank you.
I saw this demo/vid and wanted to share it with you. I felt myself a bit awestruck and unsure of what to think at the end. I thought about how I can improve the mood of the people about me by improving my own mood. I thought how my friends about the world are only known to me by this little box sitting on my desk, but their impact on my life and my heart is so very much more. Also, I realized that all the pop songs about us being sojourners on this spaceship earth may be just a bit closer to the truth than some would find comfortable.
Well, follow the thread and see it for yourself. Tell me what you think. -randy.