Sunday, December 5, 2010

We're all brothers...

Hi Everyone;
As I recover to this particular hit to my little world I find myself confronted with the notion that my little world may be just a bit bigger....or that this large world may be a bit smaller.
I was the awestruck and appreciative recipient of condolences and hugs from all around the world...from here in the States, England, Germany, and from people in places I'm not aware. It was an incredible heartfelt gesture by people in this little community, and the empathy you showed for my plight helped me see I wasn't alone. Thank you.
I saw this demo/vid and wanted to share it with you. I felt myself a bit awestruck and unsure of what to think at the end. I thought about how I can improve the mood of the people about me by improving my own mood. I thought how my friends about the world are only known to me by this little box sitting on my desk, but their impact on my life and my heart is so very much more. Also, I realized that all the pop songs about us being sojourners on this spaceship earth may be just a bit closer to the truth than some would find comfortable.
Well, follow the thread and see it for yourself. Tell me what you think. -randy.


Anonymous said...


I mean, well -yes - if one could subscribe to the main element of his argument without necessarily having to accept every darn detail then I think the answer is yes. I think I agree.

Some time ago it seemed to me one could shorthand things a little in the war games/'big business/male area by simply talking about a (traditional) macho man culture in which men did stuff simply because they could.

They beat their neighbours and then their servants, their wives and their children and they took advantage sexually wherever they wanted to because nobody ever stopped them or questioned what they were doing.

In the UK it has been the suffragette movement and then the emerging social and business strength of women which seems to have been the most civilising factor and been the most significant in reigning-in some of the excesses of men.

Actually I should just clarify that 'men' in my shorthand refers to maybe 70% of men as in the second half of the C20th and even fewer now. And 'women' refers to an increasing number of visible women who, even now, only include a similar percentage of their gender.

Gay men tend to be more empathic with that proportion of women (and lately an increasing proportion of men) and gay women are often women first and gay second, if that makes any difference.

I am also heartened to see the relationship between David Cameron and Nick Clegg in our first coalition government for simply ages. There is more empathy between them (and some of their closest colleagues) than we've seen in the government of the UK since Tony Blair first came to be Prime Minister. But before him I don't know - there's nobody I can think of since the First World War, by repute anyway.

So there are some random thoughts thrown up by that video exposition!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dang...goofed that. Randy I had wrote a book here on what you posted. Then lost it. LOL I love the post, and the thoughts went around my head as I watched the video. I don't have an education enough to do a pro or con. I will only say I think it is right. But I almost think it developing into two different classes . One has a high empathy rating,and the other the empathy is not active or to a much lessor degree.

Here is what I know. I am normally up beat and happy. At work I meet people who respond to that in two different ways. Either they join in and became happier also, and we are all happy. Or the respond negativity, they try to mitigate the happy mood. The do not do this deliberately I think, but they can't muster that same empathy to light up the happy side of themselves.

I also find that if I engage some one who is happy, I become happier and remember the encounter easily, but if I encounter some one who is angry and acting negative it disrupts me and affects my normal mood. I also have trouble remembering the encounter with clearly and the particulars are soon is gone from me.

Hugs and thanks for posting this.

randy said...

Hi Micky;
Interesting take. If I may say, then, it would seem that the macho male, who we in America often describe as feeling buttelproof (ie: superman) only feels empathic, perhaps, when he loses his power base, when he is not part of the dominate. Which, perhaps if I take you right, mirrors the presenter of the vid who said that only through suffering is one able to be empathic; only by sharing the chance to lose is one capable of being concerned over the loss of another. Is that correct?
I am not very familiar with the current government in the UK. A failing, I realize, I need to rectify quickly. Typical American, ya know. But, from what you say, our little barnyard critters we call a congress could take lessons.
Thank you so much for commenting and giving me more to think on. Sorry for being so long in responding.... randy.

randy said...

Oh, Gees! I typo'd "bulletproof"...but I like it better that way. Ha! r.

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
Yeah, that happens to me on occasion, too. Frustrating as h... when I realize I can't reproduce the idea a second time near so well.
I am interested in your thought... there are two classes of people; those who feel for others, and republicans. Ok, joke... but it is interesting to wonder if those who don't feel are in positions of power. Do they, perhaps, gravitate to it, or are they groomed? Or, is it not the case at all?
I've been familiar with the phrase "mood bias" for some time. It basically goes that one person may come from his front door in the morning joyous in the birdsong, the morning sun, the slight breeze; another may grumble at the dang birds making a racket, the bright light in his eyes, and feel that breeze - it's gonna rain. And, you are one of those dang happy people! Aargh! :) Still, interesting thoughts! Thank you for commenting!!!
hugs! -randy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy,
is it possible, that I can comment on your site?
I watched it. 'For one it was so darn speedy, I was not able to comprehend some of the thoughts.
For my opinian and own knowledge cant be produced.
Eithers a person has it, or he/she doesn't.
It is in my opinion and my own feelings, that Scottie is about right
a loving hug to you
<3 miles

randy said...

Oh, My Dear Miles;
You've made it! It's so wonderful to see your comments here!
I agree that the vid did move very quickly. I found it nearly as fascinating to watch the writing and artwork as I did the topic.
I did find myself agreeing with Scottie's points as well. I often do, though we differ on many things, too. Still, I hope it to be a developing and evolving part of humanity. I hope, I hope, I hope! Hugs and Welcome!! -randy.