Sunday, March 20, 2011

Aw, dammit, not another one!

Gadhafi vows
'long war' as strikes hit his forces
When does this crap stop?

Send in the Clowns

The Clown, the Fool, the only one who could tell the king that which was embarassing or spoke against the king. He was thought to be insane, out of his mind, open to abuse....and so whatever he said was irrelevent. Or was it? They were and are important to our world, and yet most have gone the way of Shakespeare, lost in the past and forgotten for the typical fools of today.
I was always one to deflect the conversation. It was easier to be thought the fool than to face the bullets.
Isn't it rich? The fools now days are the folks like my previous post. So intent upon attention that they have lost thier way. So focused on themselves they don't see what they show others. Or, perhaps they don't care.
And, in the background, in the behind scenes from this media assisted fools, lie our soldiers - fighting for ??? There lie our children, starving. There lounge our rich while there scrounge our poor.
I received a vid recently in the mail. It began a spiral of anger and outrage that really had little to do with the vid. It was because as seems to be the case more and more, we are told to follow the white rabbit and not look at the scene going on behind the clown. The media point towards the foolish, the irrelevent, the inconsequential to distract from the truth, or in this case the lies. I am tired of being "entertained" while the ship sinks. And, yet....could we even face the enormity of what is really happening?
We, thankfully, still have some who are willing to tell the king that he's naked. We, thankfully, still have some who are willing to tell the king (David) that he just sent a man to die so he could have the wife. If only we had more who would speak out, and if only we had more who would see the error and try to change.