Thursday, March 27, 2014

Changes (Temporary)

  No... not that drastic.   I just have some changes to my work schedule for the week.  Due to some odd personnel problems, the boss asked me to take over supervision of second shift production.  Not a huge deal, I was a shift supervisor before I changed to do the shipping and receiving.  
  But, last night was my first night.  I really enjoyed getting back into production.  I forgot the huge amount of stuff a shift manager has to constantly juggle, constantly be aware of and found myself quickly running behind.  But, the regular people, except one--- there's always one asshole that is pissy, right? --- all seemed to do great.  What is normally a job filled with people problems, I had very few people problems.  It was fun.  I was asked by more than one of the workers if this change was permanent, I had to tell them no... just to the end of the week.  They were disappointed, I took it as a compliment.

It's weird for me, though.... my day is completely turned upside down.  Normally, my mornings are a rush to get through breakfast and getting the dog happy for a day without me, shower, and out the door for work, then back to do the chores and what-have-you's of life.  This week, my chores and such are done before work, more like a Saturday, and then, just as I'm about to actually get into something, gotta leave for work.  Not sure I could do this whole second shift thing.

hugs to all