Sunday, October 14, 2012

Let Your Heart Open...

Save me.

In the Shame-Shame file.

 Your children do not get rolls of Toilet Tissue for runny noses!

  Today I went out to play with the dog and found that some little pack of snot nosed bastards had tp'd the neighbor lady's house. (no this is not a pic of her house)  This is an 80 year old woman with Alzheimer's!  I can't imagine the stress she must have felt, the anger, the fear even. 
  Unfortunately, I didn't notice it right away.  It was after 6 pm before I could go clean it up.

You know what would have impressed me?  If these little butt wipes had gone two doors down and tp'd the county k-9 officer's house.  Him with his guns, law, and two German Shepherd K-9 trained dogs.  Now, that would be impressive.