Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Summertime!

Hi Everyone;

  It's finally begun to be consistently warm here in the great white north of the United States.  And, as much as I hate to admit this to you, Randy is a cheap s.o.b. who doesn't like to spend money on air conditioning to cool the house.  Instead, I've found a better way to be cool in my own home...
  I've become an in-house nudist lately.  'So what', you say?  Well, I guess that really isn't a big deal.  Except, well, it is for me.  You see, I was raised that such really just isn't acceptable.  And, it actually took me a bit to become more comfortable in my own skin.  You see, even though it's just the dog and me here now, there remain those memories and, well, baggage that told me over and over that there were times and places for all such activities, primarily in the bath or the bedroom and briefly at that.  Oh, growing up I had some moments of fun, but it always seemed like they were guilty moments and filled with the anxiety of horniness.
  Again, you say 'so what'.  Ok, I agree, so what.  But, to me it tells me that I am finally feeling more comfortable with myself, with my body, and that is important to me. 
  Will I become a nudist?  Likely not.  That's a really big hurdle.  But, I see a time where I can go out and be more comfortable, less looking over my shoulder and waiting for the rejection that must surely come from who knows where.  I am looking so very forward to being so comfortable that I can be me, where-ever I am.  And, maybe I can be me with someone who is ready to be who they are.
  Until then, call before you stop by.  Make loud noises.  And, for my friend who skypes you know why I sometimes take a moment to answer :).