Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hello Friends;

  In times past I was once a republican.  Sorry.  I didn't understand.  But, truth be told, I still find many of my views to hold a conservative lean.  Not republican, just conservative.  Long story....

  I found an interesting site:  I guess it wasn't lost, but you understand -  it's brand new to me.  I find it interesting because this site seems to focus on the real beliefs behind the G.O.P.  A great example is this one:

  Now, I have numerous thoughts for rebuttal.  For instance, we could talk about the way that the rich "job creators" have mostly created jobs in Mexico, China, India....etc.  and how many jobs are now just plain gone.  Or, we could talk about the manner in which these "job creators" are sending off jobs paying $20+ an hour and replacing them...sorry, Creating new ones that pay minimum wage.  Or, we could even simply talk about how very huge the gap is between the wealthy "job creators" and the common working man.  We could even talk about the manner in which the wealthy have swindled and cheated and driven the companies into ruin only to be offered millions to step aside and let the next have his turn at the wealth.... no accountability, no shame, no broken legs.
  Why, you ask, do I not?  Well, i think it's mostly because the common man really doesn't care.  All he wants is to be able to feed his family and put a nice roof over their heads.  We've become mostly inured to the screwing we receive from the rich, we just want to be able to live our lives.  What the rich seem to forget, is that when you take away the carrot, the horse no longer has incentive to pull your little golden wagon.  The whip, the wise cracks and brow beating quickly lose their power.  In fact, they become quite pathetic and so very demeaning as to show the speaker all the more clueless and shallow. 
  But, I think rather than speak on into infinity arguing that the classes are tired of being demoted from middle and upper middle to poor and poverty stricken, I'll let Bill say it: