Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hi Friends;

  I'd like to tell you about a moment in my life recently that had me very frightened.  A few weeks ago, during a normal shower washing, I found a lump on my scrotum.  Scared me to no end.  I, of course, immediately decided it was nothing, didn't exist, figment of my imagination.  Still, I couldn't concentrate at work, couldn't sleep at home, couldn't handle stress.... Finally, a coworker asked me why I was so uptight.  Now, this isn't someone who I would call a good friend.  He's more an acquaintance, but a decent person and one who has seen a few turns of this world.  So, I told him.  That, for me was the opening, the strength I needed to not just deny it but to have it checked out.
  Two days later I'm in my doctor's office and she's got my balls in her hands.  Good news:  Cyst.  No danger.  I was so relieved!  You see, my mother, my mother's mother and aunt, my dad's father - all had cancer.  Was I next?  Well, so far - no.
  But, this does bring up this important post.  Check them, guys!  If you don't know how - I'm including a little pic down below to give instruction.  If you are really cute, give me a call - I'll check them for you :)