Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hi Friends;

  I'd like to tell you about a moment in my life recently that had me very frightened.  A few weeks ago, during a normal shower washing, I found a lump on my scrotum.  Scared me to no end.  I, of course, immediately decided it was nothing, didn't exist, figment of my imagination.  Still, I couldn't concentrate at work, couldn't sleep at home, couldn't handle stress.... Finally, a coworker asked me why I was so uptight.  Now, this isn't someone who I would call a good friend.  He's more an acquaintance, but a decent person and one who has seen a few turns of this world.  So, I told him.  That, for me was the opening, the strength I needed to not just deny it but to have it checked out.
  Two days later I'm in my doctor's office and she's got my balls in her hands.  Good news:  Cyst.  No danger.  I was so relieved!  You see, my mother, my mother's mother and aunt, my dad's father - all had cancer.  Was I next?  Well, so far - no.
  But, this does bring up this important post.  Check them, guys!  If you don't know how - I'm including a little pic down below to give instruction.  If you are really cute, give me a call - I'll check them for you :)


Anonymous said...

Glad it wasn't anything to really worry about. One of my best friends, who I've seen naked, had a HUGE left testicle, even as a teenager. Through all the army physicals he had, they never mentioned it. Finally, when he got married, he had it was a cyst, and he finally had it removed. He's pretty happy his left nut is now normal. It's always good to check, and always good to get anything abnormal checked out! Who knows your balls better than anyone else? No one!

Peace <3

randy said...

Hi Jay;
Yeah, it had me scared for a bit. I guess we've all been told to be aware of these things for a while, but I've gotten to the age where I didn't expect to have to worry about that form of cancer. And, well, just that whole C word is frightening as hell!