Tuesday, May 8, 2012

preaching hate

Ex-Gay Activist Says Being Gay and Christian is 'Blackface'Submitted by Brian Tashman on Mon, 05/07/2012 - 4:30pm http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/ex-gay-activist-gay-christian-blackface

The last time we heard of “ex-gay” activist DL Foster was when he told Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality that Dan Savage “should be arrested” for creating the It Gets Better Project. This weekend Foster spoke to Mission America president Linda Harvey where he equated being gay and Christian with wearing “blackface.” He said Christians who are gay or support gay rights are “deceived,” and Harvey called gay Christians a “threat” to “the entire body of Christ.”

Harvey: The threat as I see it is to the entire body of Christ but particularly both younger in the faith and younger, chronologically-aged wise, believers; our kids are being fooled like crazy about this. I’ve had people call me and tell me their son or daughter who was raised as a Christian is in college and suddenly believes he’s gay and is still calling himself a Christian. What do we do?

Foster: You know the religious gay movement is a mirror image of the political gay movement, there is little difference at all. I simply call it — homosexuality in the church — blackface . Any false movement that uses or employs false teachings is deceptive at its core and of course young people are the most vulnerable, they’re the most at risk because they’re minds have not yet matured, particularly Christian youth in our faith. Sometimes they go to churches where doctrinal issues are not taught, we issue doctrine, we think it’s bad, we try to keep our kids away from it and thus they do not grasp the fundamentals of our faith which allow them to be discerning when people bring to them false teachers like, ‘you can be gay and Christian.’ For that reason many of our young people who call themselves Christian have been deceived, this is a very serious thing because we know that the youth are not going to be the future, they are the future, so this is why it’s such an important thing to shed light into expose this so that hopefully not only Christian leaders but Christian post-secondary educators can prepare young people to deal with this threat.

Hi Friends;

  I just thought I'd detail a bit of the hate that these so called christians are teaching now.  When a man says that you cannot be a homosexual and be a Christian, he is also saying that you cannot be a liar and be a Christian, that you cannot be an adulterer, shrimp eater, woman preacher, alcoholic, or in debt and be a Christian.  He claims that people are not reading the Bible, not discerning the truth, and yet he speaks garbage and is not called on it. 
  Says it all to me.  It's not about Truth, Love, Faith, Hope, Joy, or even Humility.  It's about hate.