Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Charity call.....denied after getting info.

Hello my friends........to the scam that never ends, I guess. I just got a call from a telemarketing firm who was pulling for a reportedly very worthy organization who helps veterans with spinal cord injuries. And, let me put emphasis where it belongs, the charity itself seems very worthy, and I will be looking to get with them in the near future more directly. But, the telemarketer, according to http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/29351739.html takes 86 cents of every dollar raised. Please, look it up....don't trust my word. Don't trust anyone's. Look it up! The telemarketer who called asked me to give my credit card number for a group of cards. When I told them that they were free to send me the info and I would look the charity up, I was hung up upon. The person calling said she was calling from "Insight Services". The same as listed on jsonline? Don't know, but seems fairly likely. I guess I would rather have these people come thump me on my head and take my wallet than than use disabled veterans to bait and trap. Be honest in your theivery, 'Insight'!