Sunday, July 24, 2011

It all but made me cry

Hi Friends;

  It's been a bit of a few weeks for me.  A number of small things a number of larger things, some anticlimatic, all seem to add up, though.
  I was over at Scottie's blog, reminded of the bombing and shooting in Oslo, and then began my normal scans for interesting things.  This picture came from ( HERE ) , a site I follow now on the linked Beautiful Men blog.  The thing is, the pictures leading up to this one held such beauty, peace, and longing for me, even a bit of laughter, that when I saw this one and continued to feel the raw nerves and wounds of the past bit, of the Oslo - wow, I don't even have a word, tragedy seems understated - and all, well, it immediately made an emotional link for me.
  I sometimes feel like this.  I sometimes feel like I've just been slapped, punched, and I stand there in pain wondering what I'd done to deserve that.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I've done plenty to deserve plenty, I guess the logical portion of the mind sort of forgets what the feeling portion holds.  None the less, somedays it all becomes just a bit too real.  Somedays I feel so bound up in my walls of stone, brittle and unyeilding that the mere touch of another is nearly enough to crash me to the ground.  I feel like I can't strike back, I can't escape, and I can't understand, I just have to take it.  That, my friends, is life.