Monday, January 9, 2012

This one sort of called out to me...

Hi Friends;
  I saw this on the tumblr, and it spoke a bit to me.  I thought how everyone has these days, where they just feel so very broken, so very vulnerable, so very tired.  I'm just beginning to learn how to use powerpoint, and this is just a portion of that longer poem, but it told the portion I guess I wanted to convey - if that isn't too rude.
  To that last line, I recall a post Scottie did about how people can seem broken, stupid, defective, etc., if the measure by which we define them is unrealistic.  The cartoon post used animals, and the measure of success was to climb a tree.  The Monkey was elated, the fish not so much. 
  So, I guess I just want to say that we all are beautiful and worthy even though the tests some would subject us to may not fit our best attributes and skills.  Who is to say the Monkey is such a great swimmer?