Saturday, January 21, 2012

This man....

In an age of burgeoning enlightenment, came this man....

Some thought him criminal for advocating free health care!  It seemed appropriate to him to see the poor given their health just as the rich seemed to have it, yet those within the social power structure thought this criminal and seditious.

He advocated programs to feed people when food was hard to find.  In an age where people were ever more encouraged to find their own food, to take care of themselves rather than rely on the administration, this man spoke out that they should be fed.

He clearly stated that people should pay their taxes.

He sought to amend the laws regarding our bondage to old archaic laws on sexuality, food, employment, clothing and socialization.

He demanded a change in the monetary system and encouraged people to look upon the lowest of foreign neighbors as worthwhile.

Who was this man who advocated food programs, health care, tax collection, and would take the hand of the "lowest" person despite arguments from the Conservative Elite and Rich?

No.  Come on!  Not even close!

So, tell me again why This Man's "followers"
 would be so against these very things???

Ok, I take some liberties here, but you get my point.

still on the subject of pajamas in public

Good Morning Everyone!

  I'm sitting here in my pajamas....not.  Far too cold for that.  But, I had to work last night and realized the conundrum  of our legislature; how to make people dress civilly.  Answer:  no pajamas in public.  How simple.  Of course....

  And, if we all dressed fashionably, with a nice blouse and dark pants, belt and shoes matching - of course, then surely we would all look just so snazzy, so respectable, refined and refreshing.  A catwalk contestant.


Well, here is one just such....