Saturday, January 21, 2012

still on the subject of pajamas in public

Good Morning Everyone!

  I'm sitting here in my pajamas....not.  Far too cold for that.  But, I had to work last night and realized the conundrum  of our legislature; how to make people dress civilly.  Answer:  no pajamas in public.  How simple.  Of course....

  And, if we all dressed fashionably, with a nice blouse and dark pants, belt and shoes matching - of course, then surely we would all look just so snazzy, so respectable, refined and refreshing.  A catwalk contestant.


Well, here is one just such.... 


Anonymous said...

hey randy.... it always seems to me our government spends too much time on bull s____ items like wearing pjs in public. how about addressing a real issue, such as why are medical costs so high? couldn't be that these huge corporations that purchase hospitals and medical groups need huge profits so they can pay their CEO's, COO's, and the board of directors millions in income plus bonises


randy said...

It could be, but I really don't know, Bern. But, one thing I think you hit on... it's a lot easier to deal with the bs issues than actually do something substantive and relevent.