Friday, June 18, 2010

Some beautiful and calming vids...

This posting will have two vids by boy singers.....I seem to be on a particular line with that who you will know is Libera singing Time. A very peaceful, deep song. The other vid I know nothing about. Zero. I don't even know what the man and boy are I hope it's appropriate. I liked it, though, and both are cute. JR, listen very closely to the words of Libera. You will find something mirroring your last comment. Miles, is the other something you can translate a bit? I hope so....he is a good singer, and singing in something like German or perhaps the Norwegian tongues. My friends, this music so settles my soul. I hope you will find them enjoyable.

An inspirational effort to help the community...

These boys.... What hero's! This is the way to stand up and help your neighbor, America! This is what the boy scouts.....this is what youth! all about. Ready, Willing, and Able. Good show, boys!

I found this video on youtube..... and it is so refreshing to see youth standing by to help. :)

I only wish I had been so enterprising and helpful in my youth. he-he-he. It just never occurred to me. he-he-he.